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How Long Does It Take to Complete A Kitchen Renovation?

How Long Does It Take to Complete A Kitchen Renovation?

When planning to renovate a space in your home such as the kitchen, most homeowners need to know the best time to start in order for the project to be completed before a specific deadline such as a holiday or life event. So how long does a kitchen renovation actually take?

This depends on the size and type of kitchen remodel you wish to peruse. The average kitchen takes anywhere between 4-8 weeks to complete, and that’s not including the kitchen design phase.

At Hills Robes and Kitchens, we understand that renovating your kitchen can be stressful, but we’re here to help you through the entire process, ensuring the best utilities for your home.

Below we have listed the six stages of a kitchen renovation timeline:


Designing Your Kitchen


Now comes the tricky part. Of course, you want to design a space that is visually appealing, but you need a kitchen that is beneficial to you and your family’s needs. Things such as appliance and cabinet placement, materials and colour scheme all need to be confirmed before proceeding with your kitchen renovation.

At Hills Robes and Kitchens in Adelaide, we have kitchen renovation design professionals, and also have the specialised software. This enables you to see your kitchen come to life in 3D with the help of our expert kitchen design team.


Removal of the Existing Kitchen


This consists of removing old appliances, cabinets, flooring and countertops. Next, your builder will evaluate your space and assess the status of the existing walls, ceiling and floors. It is essential that any corrections that need to be done are completed before continuing with the renovation to prevent problems occurring later down the track.


Marking out Locations Of Electrical Outlets, Light Fixtures and Appliances


Majority of homes undergoing a kitchen renovation will not require an entirely new lighting system altogether. Meaning all of the lighting and appliance power feeds will be placed and ready for the electrician to come in and complete installation of the outlets.


Setup and Installing Mechanical/Electrical


Here you’ll see all mechanical installations take place. This includes plumbing, HVAC and electrical installations and can take on average around five days. Time frames also come down to the availability of the trades. Ideally, you’ll want to organise them to complete the job around the same time to ensure a speedy renovation.


Cabinet Installation, Countertop Templating & Countertop Fabrication/Installation


This is when everything comes together. At Hills Robes and Kitchens in Adelaide we use our own installers to install all of our kitchen cabinets, unless you’re after a DIY flat pack. Our professional installers ensure that you’re installation will be completed with a professional finish and takes the hassle out of having to locate and hire your own installer. If you’re choosing to install Laminated benchtops these will be installed at the same time as your cabinets. Our team will provide the stone fabricator with accurate and precise measurements.


Final Interior Finishes and Installation of Electrical Fixtures and Appliances


Including installation of plumbing fixtures, backsplashes and final trims allowing for time frames for the paint to dry etc. Lastly, the installation of your appliances as well as time for any additional touch-ups and fine-tuning to be made.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, look no further than the team at Hills Robes and Kitchens. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best kitchen renovation service in Adelaide. We believe in our products and services so much that all of our work comes with a 10-year guarantee. Give us a call today!



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