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Built-In Robe Interiors That You NEED!

Built-In Robe Interiors That You NEED!

Lack of storage space can be a total nightmare. Without space and tools to stay organised, your belongings can get messy, damaged and lost. This not only affects your daily life routine and condition of your clothing, it also takes away from the beauty of your room.

So, if you are struggling with an inefficient organisation system or lack of storage space, what can you do? The solution is simple! Get a built-in wardrobe for your Adelaide home. By investing a little on this organisation solution, you’ll improve the look and function of your living space!

Are you interested in getting a built-in wardrobe installed in your Adelaide home? Make sure you check out the ideas below:


Make Your Built-In Wardrobe’s Doors Stylish!

When it comes to built-in robes, doors are the most visible part. For an aesthetic look, make sure you pay close attention to their design. If you have a small room adding external mirrored panels reflects light, making space look larger. Plus, you can use the mirror for getting ready every day. All white doors can be a great girly solution for a young girls room or nursery. Smooth glass can work great for modern designs. For a more sophisticated look, consider mixing a variety of colours and textures. The options are endless!

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is creating a robe that can uplift the look of your Adelaide home.


Tailor the Layout to Your Personal Needs

Once you get past your Adelaide built-in wardrobe’s doors, it’s time to talk about interior layouts. A robe’s interior is the most crucial part when it comes to the organisation, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. When it comes to choosing a layout though, there’s no one size fit all. The best interior design is the one that fits your personal needs. Figuring out what this requires a very close look at what you own. Different people require different amounts of folding, hanging and shoe space.

We recommend you go for a wardrobe with a modular design. This way you tailor a solution that fits your requirements like a glove!


Consider See-Through Panels

Having see-through panels installed in drawers, cabinets or specific parts of your wardrobe doors can be beneficial for some. It also makes a great visual statement. If you are going for this type of design though, keep in mind that you’ll have to keep your belongings neat throughout the year. Any visible mess can take away from your robes beauty. However, if you are an organised person this design proves to be both beautiful and functional.


Add Lighting to Your Wardrobe’s Interiors

For an added element of luxe, you can add interior lighting to your wardrobe. Lights can be used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Lights help you find your belonging quickly, even if your room is dark. Lighting is also a great way to highlight your favourite pieces such as handbags, shoes or jewellery.


Get Your Dream Built-In Wardrobe For Your Adelaide Home

At Hill’s Robes, we’ll custom build the perfect wardrobe for your Adelaide home. Our design professionals are just a phone call away.



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