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Upcoming Kitchen Trends For 2020!

Upcoming Kitchen Trends For 2020!

As our lifestyles keep evolving, so do our kitchens. In fact, our kitchen spaces have become the centrepiece of our homes. These areas are far more than a workspace, in today's day and age. Instead, they are an area for family bonding, socialising, eating and cooking together. This evolution has led to some considerable changes in kitchen design.

This is probably the reason why new kitchens look so different from the kitchen’s designed back in the day. If your Adelaide kitchen is a few decades old, it might be time for a kitchen renovation. Not only will renovating your kitchen space add value to your home, it can also improve its look and functionality.


Get Your Adelaide Kitchen Renovation Right!

Looking to embark on a kitchen renovation project on your Adelaide home soon? Before you get started, make sure you check out the latest kitchen trends.

Here are the most popular kitchen trends for 2020:


Open Space

Since kitchens become the heart of homes around the world, the value of open space in this room has exponentially increased. An open kitchen floor plan allows people to flow in and out seamlessly. Additionally it makes the space more inviting and ideal for socialising. So if you are getting started with a kitchen renovation project for your Adelaide home, tear down the walls! Say goodbye to enclosed kitchens and wall cabinets. Instead opt for an open kitchen with a centre island with seating!


Using Natural Materials

Welcome nature into your Adelaide kitchen renovation project. Think stone, wood, or even bare cement, along with greenery for decor. Its all about bringing the outdoors into your kitchen space to create an organic look. Consider incorporating a bare stone island or countertop along with minimalistic wood cabinetry for the ultimate modern look. Top it all off with a few pots with natural plants.


Marble Is Back

Marble couldn’t be more in style in 2020! Especially veiny white or black marble. If you are looking for modern and trendy, yet luxurious definitely splurge on marble. Just keep the maintenance involved in mind. If you are worried about this part of the deal, you can opt for look-a-likes instead. Either way the result is the same: the ultimate sophisticated look. Marble is sure a good idea for your upcoming Adelaide kitchen renovation.


Say Goodbye to Handles

With the rise of minimalism and trendy, clean finishes, handless are becoming a rare sight in kitchens. Instead, consider include handleless cabinets and drawers in your kitchen renovation project. Not only does it make your kitchen space neater, but it also eliminates visual distractors. This way, nothing will steal attention away from your beautiful kitchen space.


Hill’s Robes: Your Adelaide Kitchen Renovation Solution

At Hill’s Robes and Kitchens, we have everything you need for your kitchen renovation project. Together we can transform your old kitchen space into a dream come true!



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