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5 Luxurious Build-in Wardrobe Styles that Will Suit Any Adelaide Home

5 Luxurious Build-in Wardrobe Styles that Will Suit Any Adelaide Home

August 13, 2021

When people think of luxurious wardrobe styles, their mind immediately goes to walk-in wardrobes because most people consider it the epitome of luxury. 

Where does that leave owners of built-in wardrobes? Feeling confused and hurt because they think their wardrobe type can’t have tasteful designs, but we’re going to correct that line of thought.

If you follow these five styles we’re about to give you, your built-in wardrobe can look just as fabulous as any wardrobe type. These styles don’t discriminate and will look good in any Adelaide home. Here are five luxurious built-in wardrobe styles you should consider :

Less Hanging, More Folding

Most built-in wardrobes have hanging space than space for folding your clothes underneath. Hangers are usually in the centre of traditional built-in wardrobes designs, but they’re now unnecessary. So your wardrobe will have different compartments for folding your clothes and then a tiny hanging space to the side. 

This build-in wardrobe style is luxurious because it gives an order to the chaos of hanging and folding clothes at the same time. Here, your hanging garments are to the side while the folded clothes take up the rest of the space in your wardrobe. 

Painted Wardrobes

We all have beautiful artwork or paintings in our home that catches the attention of everyone who visits. How would you like to get the attention of everyone who takes a look at your wardrobe? You can have an artist paint over your wardrobe. 

It may not seem like it would make a difference, but wardrobes are never painted on. They are usually just made out of whatever material you wanted and installed. There’s something about a uniquely painted cabinet that screams luxury.

Curtained Wardrobes

Who needs doors when there are curtains? Give an element of surprise or obscurity by having curtains over your wardrobes. You can decide when you want your clothes or shoes on display or when you want to keep them hidden.

It’s a stylish way to cover your wardrobes and a reason to use your favourite satin curtain in your wardrobe. 

Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored sliding wardrobes are perfect for built-in wardrobes if you want some of the perks of a walk-in wardrobe without getting one. In addition, you don’t need to have a vanity mirror installed in your room with your mirrored wardrobe. 

You can have a small sofa or stool in front of your wardrobe so you could do your makeup while you’re dressing up.

Wallpaper Wardrobes

Wardrobe with plain finishes are seen as the epitome of luxury, but mural or wallpapered wardrobes will have you second-guessing. 

A majestic swan wallpaper would do wonders in your wardrobe and make it stand out. Your wardrobe’s wallpaper doesn’t have to contrast with your room’s design; it can complement your room’s interior by having the same colour scheme.

These five luxurious build-in wardrobes have us wanting to redesign our wardrobes. Are you planning renovations in your Adelaide home? Try out one of these wardrobe designs.

Hills Robe will give you the custom wardrobe design you want , down to the number of drawers you want in it. 

Contact us with your favourite wardrobe design, and we’ll get started right away!




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