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Built-in Robe Trends of 2021 to Consider

Built-in Robe Trends of 2021 to Consider

August 6, 2021

Your built-in robes don’t have to look plain or boring; in fact, there are a lot of designs you can try out in the wardrobes of your Adelaide home. 

These trends will cover the aesthetic appeal of your wardrobes, the finishes that will bring out the beauty of your wardrobe and your room. These trends also cover the functional aspect of your wardrobe, how you manage your space, and arrange your clothes in your wardrobe.

Here are some built-in robe trends you should consider:

Sliding Doors

Hinge built-in robes were so last year, don’t you agree? However, sliding wardrobe doors are trendy this year because of their dynamicity. In addition, sliding doors require less maintenance than hinged doors, which require some sort of maintenance. 

The constant squeaking and handle issues with hinge doors can be annoying to most people, and sliding doors eliminate that. You can also have one door for your wardrobe rather than multiple doors to your built-in robes’ compartments. 

You can have yoursliding doors in a wide range of finishes , whether it’s a glass finish you want or a wooden finish. Sliding doors are perfect for small rooms in your Adelaide home as the door doesn’t have to take up space.

Mirrored Built-in Robes

Whether it’s hinged or sliding built-in robes you favour, you can have them mirrored. The mirrored wardrobe trend is popular because it solves the issue of dressing up without having to be in front of your vanity mirror.

However, sliding doors offer a more seamless mirrored look because there are no door handles to interfere. Full-length mirrored wardrobes will make getting ready much quicker because you’re looking at yourself as you dress up.

Mirrored sliding doors come with more cleaning needs than regular doors because they get dirty quickly, and fingerprints show up. However, if you don’t want to deal with the responsibility of having to clean your wardrobe frequently, you can have a mirror installed inside your wardrobe’s wall. 

Wall to Wall Wardrobes

Even small rooms deserve all the wardrobe space they can get. Limited space isn’t a problem with this 2021 trend. You can have your wardrobe take up all the space in your room’s wall. A wall-to-wall wardrobe utilises all the spare space in your room’s wall and ceiling; no space will go unturned in your room. 

Dress-in Wardrobe

You can have a built-in wardrobe with enough space for a vanity mirror, stool, and a dresser. You can keep your makeup and jewellery in the wardrobe, so dressing up is much quicker. It is only an option if you have a lot of space in your room but don’t want to consider a walk-in wardrobe option. 

These trends can be done in various finishes that you feel would work out well in your room. For example, only Hills Robes can get you the built-in robes you want, down to the number of drawers you want in it. 

See a built-in robe you like? Contact us so we can give you the built-in robes your Adelaide home deserves.




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