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Your Top Wardrobe Questions Answered!

Your Top Wardrobe Questions Answered!

Top Wardrobe Questions


If you’re planning a wardrobe refit for your Adelaide home, you’ll have plenty to think about. How do you go about optimising space and functionality? Which design is going to tie in with your home’s décor? Ease of use and ergonomics are also important—you don’t want RSI from daily reaching and bending to access your wardrobe favourites! Despite all the choices, designing a new robe need not have you frazzled. Adelaide’s wardrobe experts at Hills hope to clarify the confusion by answering your top three queries …


Which Wardrobe Colour Should I Choose?

More often than not, our customers in Adelaide choose cabinetry that reflects the style and colour palette of their homes. Neutral colours, like fresh white, or timeless timber, will never date, and you are not likely to get bored with these options any time soon. If you’d prefer a woodgrain finish, it is wise to carry the colour of your home’s other wooden features, such as your kitchen cupboards and skirting boards, through to your wardrobe, for a cohesive style.

Of course, if you want to get creative with your colour scheme, that’s completely up to you. With Hills’ extensive range of laminates, foil-wraps and painted glass doors and panels, you can take your wardrobe style in any direction you choose. If you’re craving some design inspiration, visiting our Adelaide showroom is the perfect place to start! Here, we can walk you through all the options and show you the quality of our exciting range up close.


Is There an Ideal Ratio of Hanging Space to Drawers and Shelving?


It is a good idea to allow for extra hanging space and drawers, in preference to open shelving, but this, of course, depends on how many pairs of shoes you have! The typical ratio is roughly two-thirds hanging space to one-third drawers and shelving, but rules are made to be broken!

The beauty of custom-building with Adelaide’s most-reputable craftspeople is that your new robe can be tailored around your wardrobe contents. Simply do a rough stocktake of how many longs and shorts you have (e.g. dresses and coats vs shorts and tops), and count items that you prefer folded like knitwear, and from there it will be a cinch for our savvy consultants to determine the perfect storage schema for your Adelaide home.


How Can I Create A User-friendly Wardrobe?


This is such an easy task with Hills, who gives you access to Adelaide’s widest range of ingenious fittings. With elements like pull-down racks and storage to give you easy access to items high-up and adjustable shelving to work in with the various sizes of your wardrobe items, a Hills robe truly plays to your tune.

The rule of thumb is to store highly-used items at eye-level, lesser-used items down low and reserve the highest shelves for seasonal items like folded coats and blankets. If you have trouble bending, we can integrate eye-level pigeonhole shelving for your shoes and position drawers at mid-height, ensuring fuss-free access for everybody.


Call Adelaide’s Wardrobe Experts Today!


Hopefully, this article has taken the uncertainty out of wardrobe planning and you feel ready to proceed with your project! If you’d like to get the ball rolling on your built-in, refit or walk-in, consider Adelaide’s most trusted name in cabinetry for more than forty years—Hills Robes. Call us or pop into our Adelaide showroom today!




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