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Why You Should Have Built-In Wardrobes In Your New Home!

Why You Should Have Built-In Wardrobes In Your New Home!

Buying the perfect wardrobe for your Adelaide home can be a daunting task. Wardrobes can be either the wrong size for the room or not designed to match your storage needs. With built-in wardrobes, you will not face any of these issues.


Built-in wardrobes will provide you with an efficiently organized storage space. They also blend in perfectly with the design of any room. For these reasons and more you should consider built-in wardrobes for your Adelaide home.


Maximizes Use of Space

Unlike free-standing wardrobes, built-in wardrobes can fit perfectly even into awkwardly built spaces. Whether L-shaped corners or around windows, built-in wardrobes are customized to make the best use of any kind of space. Tight spaces or odd corners that were usually left unused can be turned into built-in wardrobes.


Instead of overwhelming your Adelaide house with large wardrobes, get this intelligent storage solution. It will make use of every inch of space you have. You will not also have to worry about getting the right wardrobe size to fit right under the ceiling.


Complements Interior Design

The best thing about built-in wardrobes is that they can be integrated as a part of the overall room design. Nowadays, built-in wardrobes come in a wide range of materials and designs. As a part of the design process, you can choose the finishes and styles that complement the décor of your Adelaide home.


Custom-Made to Your Needs

Another significant advantage of built-in wardrobes is the flexibility it provides in the internal configuration. The storage units can be custom-fitted to your personal requirements and preferences. You will probably be dealing with experienced designers. They will hear your needs and integrate them into their design. If you have more dresses and long coats, having an extensive long hang section should be a priority.


Integrated Lighting

When it comes to designing built-in wardrobes, many people overlook the lighting factor. With built-in wardrobes, you will not have to rely on external light sources only for illumination. You can integrate spotlights or LED strip lights in your built-in wardrobes. These will make the clothes more visible, especially in deep drawers and shelves.


At Hills Robes, we can help you get the best custom-designed built-in wardrobes in Adelaide. All of our built-in wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes are crafted at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Adelaide. You will have absolute freedom to choose the storage space and add any additional features that you need.


Our built-in wardrobes will look stylish in any room of your Adelaide home. With our vast array of colours and finishes, you will find a style they effortlessly blend in with your surrounding décor. With our team of joinery experts and experienced designers, you can rest assured your built-in wardrobes will reflect your vision and storage needs.

Get the best use of every inch of space you have in your new Adelaide home, call us now!



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