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Why Choose Hills for Your New Kitchen!

Why Choose Hills for Your New Kitchen!

A quality kitchen is not merely a place to prepare food. A quality kitchen is so much more – it’s the beating heart of the home. It’s a welcoming space where family and friends can feel comfortable to relax, share and grow at the end of the day. The kitchen is the space where our families come together to converse, to laugh and to comfort one another. Where we bond with friends over a bottle of wine, where we help our kids with their school work, where tears are shed, and hearts are warmed over hot cups of coffee. It’s the space at home where we plan our dreams, where we receive support, love and encouragement.

A well-designed kitchen can have a massive impact on our lives – on our moods, on how much time we spend together and the ways that we interact. Kitchens matter, so what makes a good one?

Here at Hills Kitchens, we don’t believe there’s some secret sorcery to designing the perfect kitchen, we think it’s a formula. Over the last 30 years, we’ve been creating and renovating kitchens for families all over Adelaide, and we’ve come to learn the characteristics that produce an exceptional kitchen space. We’ve repeated our approach time and time again to bring families closer with unique kitchen spaces. Let’s take a look at the three key characteristics that turn an average kitchen into a Hill’s kitchen.

Functionality & Design

The key to any kitchen renovation is increasing its functionality through creative design. We’re not just talking about adding new cooking space or a food preparation counter; we’re talking about designing a space that is suitable for completing homework assignments, for encouraging interesting dinner conversation, for getting lost in a wonderful novel and for hosting a surprise birthday party.

Our intuitive kitchen design makes life easier for you. By creating a versatile but organised space, you’ll find that you can flow through the area. When cooking, you’ll see that utensils and cookware are always within reach. You’ll have just the perfect amount of working space, and just the right balance and symmetry to create an environment that you won’t want to leave. Multi-purpose and practical, you’ll find that every aspect of your kitchen renovation design is thoughtful and satisfying.


Given the use that a home kitchen gets, it’s imperative that it’s tough enough to last the test of time. At Hills, we use only the highest quality and most durable materials in your kitchen renovation. Combining this with our superior craft and attention to detail means that your kitchen renovation will be set to withstand the wear and tear that life throws at it. Inferior kitchens will start to look tired and old a year or two after a renovation. By choosing a hill’s kitchen renovation, however, your kitchen will keep its fresh appearance for many years to come.


It’s essential that your kitchen is a space where people naturally want to hang-out. A restaurant kitchen is typically very durable and functional; however, it’s fair to say that having a family meal under the fluorescent light and surrounded by stainless steel would not exactly be conducive to quality family time. The most functional and durable kitchen in the world is not much use if everyone feels uncomfortable being in there. We use our expertise to create a beautiful and welcoming kitchen that supports open-hearted family time. We carefully select materials and lighting for your kitchen renovation that creates a place of relaxation and respite, where we can all let our guard down and enjoy time with those who matter most.


At Hill’s, we believe that kitchens matter. If you’re looking for kitchen renovation specialists in Adelaide, then we’d love to have a chat to discuss your project. We give every kitchen renovation the attention that it deserves to leave you and your family delighted with the result.



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