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Which Wardrobe Type Is Best for Your Adelaide Home?

Which Wardrobe Type Is Best for Your Adelaide Home?

February 10, 2020



All of us require some sort of storage to keep our clothes, shoes, and accessories organized and easy to access. To get the most out of your new Adelaide robe, you need to select the right wardrobe system. The best wardrobe for you is the one that best adapts to your storage needs and space. If you want to figure out which kind of wardrobe might work best for you, check out our advice below!

How to Select a Wardrobe for Your Adelaide Home?

The ultimate goal when designing a wardrobe should be to create a space that can simplify your daily living. The best kind of wardrobe will be the one that helps you get dressed and keep your living space neat with the least amount of effort.

Your ideal wardrobe will vary greatly depending on the kind and amount of stuff you own. While a shoe lover might need a large amount of shoe shelving, a businessperson might prioritise hanging space for a large number of suits. At the end of the day, you’ll need to analyse what kind of items you own and use the most. This knowledge will help you start creating a functional Adelaide wardrobe design.

Finally, you also need to factor in the amount of space for creating your new robe. Smaller homes might need to use strategic placement of storage units to get the most function. On the other hand, those with space to spare might incorporate added aesthetic components.

Which Kind of Wardrobe Should You Get?

Once you have a clear idea of what your storage needs are, you can start designing your Adelaide wardrobe. Before shopping for an actual wardrobe, determine where you want it to be located and measure the space.

Depending on the layout and size of your room, you might choose to go with a built-in or walk-in robe. Both of these options can be very stylish, yet they offer different advantages.

Built-In Robes

Built-in wardrobes are the perfect solution for those looking to optimize their space. Depending on the area available, you can opt for a two, three, or even four-door robe. For those looking to save the most amount of space, sliding doors can seal your robe conveniently. Typically, most robes include hanging rods, shelving and drawers. The amount of space attributed to each can be customized according to your needs.

Walk-In Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are the ultimate expression of luxury in an Adelaide home. To build a walk-in robe, you’ll need a space that is at least 2.5 meters deep and over a meter in width. Make sure you plan for moving space and proper ventilation. Working with a walk-in robe specialist can help you design the perfect space for your room.


Do you need more space in your Adelaide home? At Hills Robes and Kitchens, we can custom-built a wardrobe to solve all your storage problems. Our wardrobe experts can help you build the perfect built-in or walk-in wardrobe. Our ideal balance between aesthetics and function result in the highest customer satisfaction. For more information on our Adelaide, wardrobe solutions, contact us at (08) 8423 1037.





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