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Which Wardrobe Doors Do I Choose - Sliding, or Hinged?

Which Wardrobe Doors Do I Choose - Sliding, or Hinged?

Sliding, or Hinged Wardrobe Doors?


Choosing the right wardrobe doors is important; not only do they contribute to the aesthetic of a room, but they must function well for you, and integrate well with your home. The way that your wardrobe doors open may not seem like a huge concern, when you first consider the design of your built-in wardrobe, but once you begin using them several times each day, their functionality will be paramount. Stylish, unobtrusive sliding doors will be a stunning addition to any room, but you might find that hinged doors provide easier access to your wardrobe items. Conversely, hinged doors may impinge on the space in smaller areas, and knock against your furniture.


Space is the most important consideration, when choosing between hinged or sliding doors. If you are leaning toward hinged doors, it is smart to measure up the area surrounding your intended  space, and ensure that you will have sufficient room to accommodate swinging doors, and then some. At the very least, one metre of space is necessary, to provide for door width, as well as the space you will need to get into the wardrobe and hang laundry. There is nothing quite like playing furniture removalist, every time you need to access your wardrobe.


Hinged  doors may enhance ease of access to your wardrobe somewhat, but they can create the temptation to store your wares in a less-than-ideal fashion. Who hasn’t jammed their things into a traditional closet and willfully pushed the doors closed? All too often, belts and handbags get hung over door handles, which is the worst thing you can do for the condition of your accessories. Space is the only tangible issue with hinged doors though; homes are only getting smaller, and many people find that these doors unnecessarily stifle their space. If space is no issue, then your choice of doors really boils down to personal preference.


Sliding doors lend panache and clean lines to any area of the home, integrating faultlessly with your existing décor. Their unobtrusive design creates the guise of spaciousness, while eliminating the need for a large amount of space around your wardrobe. Some consider sliding doors slightly sturdier than hinged, as the door panels are fully-supported by a track at the bottom. It is a misconception that sliding doors create awkward access to certain areas of their wardrobe; the wardrobe design specialists at Hills Robes and Kitchens can eliminate this issue completely, ensuring that your built-in wardrobe functions perfectly for your needs, whichever wardrobe doors you prefer.


Once you have chosen the right doors for your built-in, you can begin to consider finishes. Hills Robes and Kitchens’ custom created door panels can be styled exactly to your liking: opt for glass, for an ultra-modern aesthetic, or choose ornate routing and a heritage pelmet, to tie-in with a character home. A mirrored finish creates the illusion of space, and serves dual purposes.


Our wardrobe design experts can help you to determine which doors will work best for your space. Whichever you choose, Hills Robes and Kitchens have a vast selection of wardrobe finishes on offer, and you are sure to find a colour that blends perfectly with your home. Get in touch with our experienced team on (08) 8243 1037, or via our web enquiry form, and we can begin creating your customised storage solution, when we visit you for a free in-home consultation.




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