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Wardrobes For Every Budget! Check Out Hills Robes Today!

Wardrobes For Every Budget! Check Out Hills Robes Today!

Are you looking for a new wardrobe for your Adelaide home, but don’t want to spend a fortune?

Being savvy about your money and getting organised doesn’t have to be at odds. Getting a more efficient closet storage solution doesn’t have to be expensive. At Hills Robes, we have a wide variety of wardrobes available for every budget!

Here are some of the Adelaide Wardrobe options you can choose from:



Glass is one of the most popular choices for built-in robes. It’s especially prevalent in linen closets and pantries. The best part about a smooth glass finish is its versatility. Glass can be painted any colour. It’s sleek, discreet and can blend into any type of space in your Adelaide home. Hallways, kitchens and bedrooms alike can be complemented with a beautiful glass wardrobe.


Wide Range Colours and Textures

Foiled wrapped doors are the perfect choice for those looking for completely customisable design experience. This type of finish comes in any colour imaginable! Plus by incorporating patterns and textures, no design is unachievable. This type of doors is ideal for those wanting to add beauty and style to their Adelaide bedroom’s wardrobe!



Laminates are neat, easy to clean and good looking. They are also very budget-friendly. The best part about investing in a laminate wardrobe is how long-lasting your investment will be! Laminate wardrobes are well made and built to last for many years. Their durability makes a great addition for any Adelaide home. Plus, laminates are available in many different colours and routing patterns.


What Designs Can I Choose From?

At Hills Robes, we are fully committed to helping you get organised. This means offering you a fully customizable interior robe design. With our modular wardrobes, you can create nearly any layout you can come up with!

There’s no more fabulous feature than this! Modular design allows you to fully personalise your Adelaide wardrobe to fit your space, needs and preferences. You can incorporate drawers in varying depths, several hanging rods, and shoe racks in any layout you imagine.


Why Choose Hills Robes?

Hill’s Robes is the wardrobe expert in Adelaide. We’ve been creating the best wardrobes and screens for over 3 decades! Our customer’s approval will vouch for us.

Why do our customers love us? First of all, our fantastic range of high-quality products – we have a wide selection of wardrobe solution for any budget! It doesn’t matter if you are looking to save money or create a high-end robe design. We’ll help you get to your goal!

We are also well known for our outstanding customer service. Our friendly staff is always ready to answer questions, offer advice and help you find your dream Adelaide wardrobe.

From design to installation, we have your back.


Get the Wardrobe You Need at Hills Robes

At Hills Robes, we’ll help you get the best wardrobe for your Adelaide, at any budget. Reach out today and find out more about our full range of products and robe solutions.



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