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Wardrobe Space Saving Tips You`ll Love!

Wardrobe Space Saving Tips You`ll Love!

February 27, 2020

There's nothing more frustrating than staring into a packed, cluttered wardrobe. It can be easy to get lost daydreaming about a luxurious walk-in straight out of the film "Clueless". However, you are far better off working to optimize the space you already have. Improving your built-in wardrobe can be quickly done by implementing some space-saving tips. In today's blog post, we're sharing our best advice to make the most out of your robe!

How to Save Space in Your Built-In Wardrobes

Use Vertical Space

Not using your vertical space is one of the easiest ways to miss valuable storage solutions. The area that gets overlooked the most is the space under your hanging rod. Unless you have a vast collection of gowns and long coats, most of our clothing is small. This results in plenty of space being left empty under our hanging space. Adding shoe cubbies, shelves, or drawers under your hanging clothes is the perfect way to make the most out of your robe.

Switch to Sliding Doors

Regular doors require plenty of space to swing open. Door movement can significantly limit the amount of space you can use within your robe or act as an obstacle in a small bedroom. On the other hand, sliding doors are easily manipulated and take up virtually no space. If your bedroom feels crowded or you need more storage space, simply replacing your doors can make a big difference.

Improve Your Folding Technique

While regular folding works fine, it often leads to a massive waste of space. Rolling up your clothes or using the Kon Mari technique can help you free up space in your drawers, shelves, and bins. By merely changing the way your clothes are folded, you can fit in more clothing into the same area. What's better, you'll also be able to visualize and reach for your favourite items easily.

Add More Hanging Space

If you own a lot of hanging items, doubling up your hanging space might be in your best interest. This can be quickly done by simply adding an extra bar underneath an existing one. Not only is this an extremely efficient way to improve your built-in wardrobes, but it is also a very affordable one. You can use all your new hanging space to hang items like sandals, handbags and other accessories. Hanging these bulky items will instantly free up usable space in your robe.

Improve Your Built-in Wardrobes with Hills Robes

If you are tired of looking through your tight and messy built-in wardrobe, our team at Hills Robescan help. Using our modular system, we'll create the perfect robe to fit all your storage needs. Our design experts will optimize your space so that no inch is wasted!

Learn more about our built-in wardrobe solutions by calling us at (08) 8423 1037. You can also fill our contact formhere to receive a quote on your project. 




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