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Wardrobe Solutions You Can Count On!

Wardrobe Solutions You Can Count On!

January 20, 2022

Are you transferring into a new home, or you've outgrown your wardrobe? Whatever the reason, you deserve wardrobes that can accommodate your style, taste and needs. And this is something only custom wardrobes can provide.

It would be best if you had wardrobes that give you enough space for your belongings without taking too much space. Unfortunately, most Adelaide homes don't come with good wardrobes, so you'll have to find better ones yourself.

Hills Robes considers your needs and items when making wardrobes for you. We have a range of wardrobe solutions such as:

Various types to choose from

What type of wardrobes do you think your Adelaide home needs? Until you weigh the pros and cons of each type according to your needs, you'll be unable to make a design. We have walk-in and built-in wardrobes, which have different types. For example, you could get your built-in wardrobe sliding, hinged or open.

Our built-in wardrobes are the go-to option for most homeowners because it utilises the space in your home. If you have a small house and can't dedicate too much space to wardrobes, a built-in is your best bet. With different drawers and compartments, you'll forget that you're short on space.

A walk-in wardrobe is suitable for items that can't be placed in a built-in. A large shoe or bag collection, on the other hand, cannot be kept in a wardrobe; they require open room. If your Adelaide home has a spare room, a walk-in closet would be perfect for you.

Hills Robes will give you the best wardrobe type for your home and needs.

Preferred design

After choosing the type of wardrobe you want, the next step is to select designs. This part is where the type of design you want comes in. For example, do you want an open, hinged or sliding built-in wardrobe?

Hinged wardrobes are good if you don't mind your wardrobe taking up space when opened. However, a sliding option is more aesthetically pleasing because it could be mirrored. They also help you conserve space better than the hinged options.

If you don't mind having your clothes, shoes etc., on full display, you can leave your wardrobe open. With a walk-in closet, the designs are determined by your preferred arrangement. Like, how many shelves, drawers, and hanging spaces do you want? Do you want to store your bags in a rack or line them up on an island?

When you're considering designs to choose from, looking at the available space and designs online will assist you with your decision making. And if you'd rather come up with a custom design, there's no problem as Hills Robes is here to bring all your ideas to life.


Do you want the finish of your wardrobe to match up with your room's décor so it blends in? Or would you love to give your wardrobe a bold look by having it painted in vibrant colours?

An elegant look is also achievable with a wooden finish. We only use the finest materials to make our wardrobes, and for sure, you'll love what you see.

Give us a message with your ideas, and we'll send you some items that we've designed.




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