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Top Tips on Designing Your Dream Walk-in Wardrobe

Top Tips on Designing Your Dream Walk-in Wardrobe

July 23, 2021

A walk-in wardrobe is a huge investment and your opportunity to customise your dressing space. A walk-in wardrobe is a room you have to yourself and keep your clothes and accessories. How you design your walk-in wardrobe will determine if it’ll be your dream or nightmare wardrobe.

You may be thinking, “how hard could it be to design a walk-in wardrobe?” . The answer is a lot actually; you could use up more space than you need or not have enough room for your clothes. 

Inadequate space for your clothes is a common problem most people have when they’re too focused on the design and not on functionality.

The fact that it increases the value of your Adelaide property is a plus. Follow these top tips on how to design your dream walk-in wardrobe.

Your Accessories

What type of accessories do you tend to buy more? Knowing this will let you know how much space you should dedicate to which item. 

If you’re a shoe person, you could dedicate wall space to all the shoes in your collection. Then, you could design your shoe rack in such a way that it’d be the first thing anyone who enters your walk-in wardrobe sees.

Dedicating too much pace to items you don’t have while designing walk-in wardrobes is a common mistake. You’ll end up missing out on a lot of things you should have.

Prevent space issues by allocating space to your items in the order of which you tend to buy more. And since you may like to add other things, you could have drawers for jewellery and a rack for your hats. 

The whole point of walk-in wardrobes is to have all the space you need for your items.


Your dream walk-in wardrobe should be a place you see yourself spending hours. Getting dressed up takes a lot of time but dressing up in a walk-in takes even more time.

You should make your walk-in wardrobe as comfortable as possible so you can relax in it even when necessary. For example, get a comfortable sofa where you could sit or lay on it while arranging your clothes. 

If you’d like to entertain friends in your walk-in wardrobe, you could get an island with multiple chairs.

Get enough outlets in your walk-in so you can charge your devices whenever you’re there. If you’re a music lover, get a speaker installed and a fridge for when you’re feeling thirsty or would like a quick snack.

A bookshelf is also a great idea if you love reading- add all these to your walk-in wardrobe, and you’d never want to leave.

Your Favourite Designs

You should see your walk-in wardrobe as a second room. What are your favourite colours? Would you like your walk-in to be minimalistic or very colourful?

Do you want it tiled, or do you want a plush rug? What type of posters would you like to hang around your wardrobe? 

Knowing what you want, along with having proper guidance or professional help, will make your dream walk-in wardrobe a reality.

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