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Top Tips for Wardrobe Organisation

Top Tips for Wardrobe Organisation

May 19, 2022

A wardrobe is a tall piece of furniture that you can find in many homes, and it is vital for many reasons. The wardrobe is one of the critical items that make up a bedroom. It is necessary for space maximisation, and it offers the best storage system for several personal items in your bedroom.


It can also serve many other uses like a mirror stand, mini bar, mini library, and an impressive interior design feature. But its primary function is the storage of clothes and fashion accessories for safekeeping.


There is no doubt that the wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture, but its efficiency is largely dependent on its organisation. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to see the need for wardrobe organisation, which often doesn’t speak well of them.


A well-organised wardrobe offers sufficient space and functions correctly, while a neglected one limits space and functions poorly.


Imagine ironing your clothes multiple times because it often gets rumpled in your wardrobe. It certainly doesn’t sound right, and it defeats the primary purpose of the wardrobe. Hence, it becomes vital to ensure an organised wardrobe. This article will highlight top tips for wardrobe organisation.


Wardrobe Organisation

Organising your wardrobe offers more benefits than you can imagine. However, even if you have a well-organised wardrobe, you may need to reorganise it after a period to declutter and maximise your space. Here are some tips for a successful wardrobe organisation.


  • Clear out the wardrobe

Like every organisation process, the first step to getting your wardrobe in order is to clear out everything. Next, you can sort the items by grouping them according to what you still need and don’t. This will help you declutter and create more space by removing items you no longer need. Finally, you can donate these unwanted items, dispose of them, or sell them.


  • Clean the wardrobe

Your wardrobe is liable to accumulate dirt in delicate places over time, and a reorganisation gives you the perfect opportunity to clean up. After emptying the wardrobe, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean all the dusty areas.

This will help you achieve a cleaner piece of furniture and prevent your clothes from getting stained with dust. You can also use this opportunity to check if your wardrobe is still strong enough or needs maintenance.


  • Arrange your clothes by categories

One advantage of an organised wardrobe is that it makes your things more accessible. However, this is only possible when you arrange your things in order. Make sure your clothes are arranged according to the occasions they are meant for, so you know where to find what. You can also add a bit of orderliness by piling them according to their colour.

Also, you may want to allocate different hanging spaces for long and shorter clothes.


  • Arrange other accessories on smaller shelves

Other items like your jewellery should be arranged orderly on a smaller and more secure shelf. You can also provide a separate rack for your shoes or place them on the wardrobe floor if space is limited.



A well-arranged wardrobe makes finding anything in there less stressful and more straightforward. It can also significantly add to the design of your room by presenting it as clean and tidy. Organising your wardrobe yourself can be a huge ask, but you can entrust the task to professionals for a better job.


These professionals are more capable and well equipped with everything necessary to ensure your wardrobe is well organised.




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