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Top Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Designer Before You Start Kitchen Renovations

Top Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Designer Before You Start Kitchen Renovations

October 28, 2021

The success of a kitchen renovation largely depends on the kitchen designer. Your kitchen designer is responsible for putting all your ideas together and ensuring the workers correct all the details.

From this, we can see that your kitchen designer plays a significant role in the success of your kitchen renovation. Therefore, before the renovation process begins, you’ll want to ensure that the kitchen designer knows all that’s expected of them. Some of the questions you should ask are:


What Makes You Qualified To Design My Kitchen?


This may seem like a mean question, but it is indispensable. The kitchen is a highly complex space filled with many fixtures that interact with each other. A botched kitchen renovation can result in an accident or an uncomfortable experience- a poorly done kitchen renovation can harm you.


Kitchen designers usually have qualifications or certifications that show they have enough knowledge and skills for their tasks. If your kitchen designer can’t prove their qualifications, move to another one.


Can I See Your Portfolio?


You’ll need to see pictures of kitchen renovations that your designer has handled before. These pictures will show you whether the kitchen designer’s skill set is what you’re looking for or need at that moment.


Their portfolio will also let you know whether they’re skilled enough to renovate your kitchen. If a kitchen designer has no portfolio to show, look for a more experienced one. And if you want to give a budding kitchen designer a chance, you should prepare for whatever result you see after the renovation.


What Part Of The Design Process Will You Handle?


Kitchen designers differ in how much responsibility they handle. For example, some kitchen designers only sketch or map out the kitchen layout and leave the rest in the hands of the construction company.

Depending on how much responsibility you want to handle, you should go for a kitchen designer with you throughout the design process. The perfect kitchen designer will help you with the layout and supervise the selection and installation of the necessary fixtures.


Do You Know All The Latest Trends?


Any kitchen designer you select has to know the latest kitchen renovation trends. Do they know all the latest tile or cabinetry trends? You want your Adelaide kitchen to look like a modern one and not something from the past.


When a kitchen designer knows all the latest trends, it also means that they’re up to date and willing to adapt to the latest tricks and needs.


How Do I Save Space In My Kitchen?


Small kitchens aren’t exempted from renovations; there are ways all their available space is utilised. Ask your kitchen designer if a kitchen renovation will help you save space and decide based on their reply.


If they say your kitchen is too small, consider other options.


These are the top questions to ask your kitchen designer, but you can still ask more. Do you have more questions to ask a kitchen designer? Hills Robes has all the answers you’re looking for.



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