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Top 5 Must-See Wardrobe Designs

Top 5 Must-See Wardrobe Designs

April 26, 2021


Getting well-organised and stylish wardrobes does not require a huge space. All you need is a smart wardrobes design that makes use of the space you have in your Adelaide home. Dream wardrobes do not need to be only stylish and well-designed. They should also provide suitable storage options to suit your requirements.


Your Adelaide wardrobes do not have to be boring. You can add many features and personal touches to make wardrobes feel more comfortable and cosier. Here are a few designs that will make your Adelaide wardrobes functional and fun:


Circle of Illumination

Creating a focal point with light might be just what your Adelaide wardrobes needs. If you have enough space, hang a statement lighting inside your wardrobes. You can also add a large ring pendant. It will create an impressive and practical circle of illumination. Natural light can also make your Adelaide wardrobes feel fresher. If you have no windows, consider the possibility of a skylight.


Combine Office With Wardrobe

Many people have been working from home over the past few months. To make better use of the space, some have combined their home offices with their wardrobes. After all, walk-in wardrobes are usually one of the quietest places at home. You will not have many distractions. Just make sure the home office desk compliments the style of your Adelaide wardrobe. 


Fashion Nook

Getting cosy walk-in wardrobes does not require much space. All you need is a deep nook in your Adelaide home. Add sliding doors across it, and you will have a perfect walk-in wardrobe. With a modular wardrobes system, you can create a tailored layout that suits your needs. 


Display Windows

With this design, you can turn your Adelaide walk-in wardrobes into elegant store windows. Use clear glass doors across your clothing collection. It will not just keep the dust off your items. You will also feel you are window shopping every time you walk in your Adelaide wardrobes. 


Touches of Timber

You can never go wrong with wood. Touches of timber will add a feeling of freshness and nature to your Adelaide wardrobe. Timber can work with both classic and modern wardrobes styles. Either way, it will add a sleek touch to your Adelaide wardrobes.


At Hills Robes, we are the industry leaders in walk-in wardrobes construction in Adelaide. We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing premium quality walk-in wardrobes. With us, you will get access to the latest trends in wardrobe designs. We also provide built-in wardrobes, all at the most competitive prices in Adelaide.


Our Adelaide wardrobes will solve all your storage problems. With our flexible modular designs, your wardrobes will be tailored to suit your needs perfectly. They will also give your Adelaide home more living space. You can choose from full- and half-length hangers, adjustable shelving, pigeonhole boxes, shoe racks, drawers and much more. 


Get your dream custom-built wardrobes. Call us now to arrange for your complimentary consultation and quote!




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