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Tips on Designing Your Dream Walk-in Wardrobe

Tips on Designing Your Dream Walk-in Wardrobe

September 06, 2021


A walk-in wardrobe is like a bedroom, just that it’s filled with your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories instead. Regular wardrobes such as the built-in are much easier to design because they don’t take up as much space or need to be decorated as walk-in wardrobes. 


Since designing a walk-in wardrobe is like designing a bedroom, you’ll have to consider many factors. You’ll be spending a lot of quality time in your walk-in bedroom, so you have to make it as cosy as people and at the same time, not lose focus of what it’s meant for, which is to house all your accessories.

If you want your dream walk-in wardrobe, here are some tips you should consider:

The Space In Your Home

Everyone wants a walk-in wardrobe, but not everyone can get it; the most common reason is space. You can only enjoy walk-in wardrobes when you have a significant amount of space to assign to them. You can’t just decide you want a walk-in wardrobe because you see how others are enjoying it.

People with the most magnificent walk-in wardrobes have one thing in common, and that’s space – walk-in wardrobes are always spacious. However, if you’re still adamant about getting a walk-in wardrobe even without having space, you’ll be faced with a host of issues:

  • The space would be too tight. You’d have a “walk-in “wardrobe you can’t walk around in comfortably, which would defeat the whole purpose.

  • There would be no space for any of your items, which would again defeat the whole purpose of getting a walk-in wardrobe.

Considering the space, you have available is a significant factor in getting a walk-in wardrobe. If you wouldn’t mind, you can move to a smaller room within your home and dedicate your room to the walk-in closet.

Most Standard Items And Space For Them

What item do you have the most of? This question is a bit confusing, but we’re simply trying to ask how many bags, clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc. do you have? Which of these items takes up the most space in your wardrobe?

Some people tend to have more bags than clothes, while some have more shoes than clothes. You can’t give all your space to clothes and neglect your extensive shoe collection; where would you put them? 

You’d be forced to deal with so much space for clothes you don’t care about while finding space for your shoes. Avoid this by taking inventory of all your things and telling your design company how much space you’d like each item to have. Your dream walk-in isn’t complete if you can’t marvel at the sheer beauty of your collections.

Hill Robes designs walk-in wardrobes based on the needs of our clients, so your prized possessions will have all the space they need.


Designing a walk-in wardrobe is like creating a room. First, you’ll have to choose the colour you want it painted, the furniture to go with it, the design of the cabinets, island, etc. This is probably the most important stage because this is where your dream walk-in wardrobe begins to materialise. 

What are your favourite colours, finishes, materials, etc.? Of course, they all have to come out in your walk-in wardrobe.

The task of designing your dream walk-in wardrobe is a huge one; let Hills Robes take some of that pressure off you. Contact us with your needs , and you’ll get the best.

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