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The Wardrobe Solution You Didn`t Know You Needed!

The Wardrobe Solution You Didn`t Know You Needed!

January 25, 2024

It does not matter how large your Adelaide home is. Everyone can do with more storage space. That is why wardrobes are essential for any household. However, not all wardrobes offer the same benefits. That is why you must carefully choose the wardrobes for your Adelaide home.


At Hills Robes, we offer much more than regular wardrobes. Our custom built-in and walk-in wardrobes will solve all your storage problems. They will increase the usable space of your Adelaide home. We also understand that wardrobes should not just offer storage spaces. Well-built wardrobes can elevate the look of the entire room. That is why we carefully design our Adelaide wardrobes inside and out.


Here are some of the benefits our tailored Adelaide wardrobes offer:


Make the Most of Your Available Space


Unlike mass-produced furniture, we uniquely design our Adelaide wardrobes to suit your exact needs and space. So, if you have high ceilings or an awkwardly shaped space, do not worry. Our Adelaide wardrobes will be tailored to suit the space. These will help you make use of every cm in your Adelaide home.


As Adelaide’s leading name in wardrobes, we have decades of experience in the field. So you can be confident that you will receive excellent service and high-quality wardrobes. No matter how small the available space in your Adelaide home is, our custom-designed wardrobes will help you get most of the storage space.


Tailored to Your Storage Needs


When we say we fully customise the wardrobes, we do not just mean the size and measurements. Our Adelaide wardrobes are tailored on the inside to meet your lifestyle and storage needs. We offer flexible, modular designs. It means you can choose the layout and storage options inside your wardrobes.


All storage solutions are covered, from full-length and half-length hangers to adjustable shelves. To keep your shoes organised, we also offer shoe racks. The drawers of our Adelaide wardrobes come in a variety of depths. You can choose deep drawers for your bulky items, like chunky pullovers. For small pieces, like ties or socks, select shallow drawers. That is how our tailored Adelaide wardrobes provide you with complete control over their functionality.


Designed to Complement Your Interior Design


As an essential part of the room, wardrobes should be designed to complement or blend in with the rest of the décor. Our Adelaide wardrobes are fully customisable outside to suit any taste or style. We offer a variety of finishes, including natural timber, foil-wrapped, glass, and laminate.


At Hills Robes, we also give you access to all the latest trends in the design world of wardrobes. Any design you choose will be locally manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Adelaide. So, you can rest assured that your Adelaide wardrobes will be of premium quality with impeccable designs.


Choose wardrobes that help you make the most of your Adelaide home’s space. Contact us today!



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