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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Renovations!

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Renovations!

Kitchens, being the central part of the house have always been one of the most popular rooms to renovate in the house. It is not a small job, though. So before getting caught up in the kitchen renovation process, some aspects, like the budget needs to be addressed first.

At Hills Robes and Kitchens, we know how your Adelaide kitchen renovation can be stress-inducing. That is why we proudly offer our customers in Adelaide a premier kitchen renovation experience that will provide you with your dream kitchen with minimum hassle to you and your family.

These few steps will give you some inspiration to guide you through your kitchen renovation process and help you prioritize your needs:

Set Your Budget


Here is where you should be very realistic. Your budget will affect all of the other aspects in your kitchen renovation process, like the finishing materials and appliances.
No matter what your budget is, you should always buy the best quality you can afford. When it comes to your Adelaide kitchen renovation, quality should always come first. You will not be renovating your kitchen every year, so you want something that will endure heavy usage and last for long.

Be careful not to spend most of your budget on unnecessary items that you do not need. Kitchen gadgets and fancy appliances can be very tempting to buy. So make sure to get your priorities straight and stick to your budget.
Our rich interior planning experience, allows us to create the optimal kitchen renovation design for you, tailored exclusively to suit your needs and budget.

Choose a Kitchen Renovation Layout


Functionality and practicality are the most needed features in any kitchen. When you are choosing your new kitchen layout, think about how you use the space to determine what will work for you and what will not accommodate your daily routines.

Whenever possible, try to arrange the sink, the refrigerator and the stove in a triangular pattern. This classic work triangle, is considered to be the most convenient setup, as it saves unnecessary steps between the three most used kitchen features.

Consider adding an island, if your Adelaide kitchen has enough space. It can provide a place to eat or an extra work surface to your kitchen.

Select a Kitchen Style That Suits Your Needs


The materials used in your kitchen renovation should serve your family needs. Granite or stainless-steel countertops, for example, are ideal for heavily used spaces. On the other hand, other materials, like wood countertops are high-maintenance.

To make sure your kitchen renovation will provide convenience and ease of movement for you and your family, you should discuss your needs and requirements with us. At Hills Kitchens, we employ the latest 3D design software to bring your dream kitchen to life during the planning phase. This way, you will see how your selections will look like and make any necessary alterations before the kitchen renovation process even starts.

Get the Adelaide kitchen renovation you dreamed of at a price you can afford. Call us now to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation measure and quote!



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