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The Secret to Transforming Your Wardrobe in Adelaide

The Secret to Transforming Your Wardrobe in Adelaide

Transforming Your Adelaide Wardrobe 


‘Ugh! I’ve got nothing to wear!’
‘I can’t find my…!’
‘Oh no! My favourite top is in the wash!’


Do you frequently utter these phrases when dressing? If you’re plagued by wardrobe anxiety, you’ll be eager to learn the secret to creating your own wardrobe haven: a blissful place, where dressing is fuss-free, and you can zoom out the front door ten minutes earlier each day, outfoxing Adelaide’s peak traffic and penchant for roadworks.

Fortunately, the answer to your troubles is remarkably simple and obvious: organisation! Working with a reputable wardrobe builder, like Hills, which offers Adelaide’s widest range of wardrobe solutions, you can implement a foolproof plan to conquer wardrobe hassles for good. We give you our top tips for transforming your wardrobe into an oasis of organisation.


Take Inventory


A good place to start is to grab some boxes or large storage hampers and pull everything out of your wardrobe. Sort it into four categories—keep, donate, sell, and throw. It’s easy to get emotionally attached to your fashion items, but this rule is a life-changer: if you haven’t worn it in the past year, toss it. Impractical pieces like dated ski-wear and full-length furs will never work with Adelaide’s climate, so let them go.


Get in the Zone


Once you’ve decided what to keep, separate it into categories that will correspond with zones in your wardrobe—full-length hanging items like dresses and coats, half-length hanging items like trousers and shirts, and folded items. Write down the number of items in each category and our talented designers will translate this tally into the ideal wardrobe schematic. Take note of any folded items that you’d prefer hung, as a Hills wardrobe can make this possible; we have Adelaide’s finest consultants on staff, able to maximise space and create the ideal home for every item.


Invest in Wardrobe Organisation


Buy a bunch of extra hangers (the fancy, wooden kind) and some stylish storage hampers; invest in drawer dividers, accessory hooks, shoe racks—these accessories make it easier to keep everything in its place. Hills has Adelaide’s broadest range of quality wardrobe accessories to offer, so you can deck out your new closet space with everything you need to keep order.


Put Some Thought into the Design


Choosing to install a custom-made wardrobe gives you absolute freedom in creating a design that truly reflects your needs. If you’re often tempted to shove your clothing on to shelves, think about minimising open shelving in your new design.

Do you have some prized pieces that you’d like to give pride of place? Consider some artfully placed floating shelves and pigeonhole shelving. Do you want larger items like blankets stored in drawers? Hills can vary your drawer depths to your heart’s content.

Before meeting with a designer, mockup your ideal schematic on paper, or play around with a design software like eDraw, which can give you a clear idea of what you want to achieve.


Choose the Premier Custom Wardrobe Service in Adelaide


If you’re ready to tackle wardrobe organisation head on, Adelaide’s own Hills Robes is your perfect partner; we have more than forty years of experience designing and crafting wardrobes in Adelaide. Call us today and we will transform your dressing area into an attractive, functional and organised space before you know it.




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