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The Newest Kitchen Renovation Trends of 2021 Revealed

The Newest Kitchen Renovation Trends of 2021 Revealed

August 27, 2021

Hold up on your kitchen renovation till you finish reading this guide! Kitchen renovation trends get updated multiple times a year, and we have new trends this year.

If you want it to turn out well, you have to be current or even years ahead in the Adelaide kitchen renovation trends . This year’s trends will make the most out of your kitchen space and won’t cost you a lot of money.

You’ll see every style that suits your fancy here, from luxurious to simple and colourful designs. Here are some of the newest renovation trends this year:

Colourful Cabinetry

Most kitchen cabinets are conservatively coloured and are often either black, white, or cream. But now, we’re leaving boring cabinets in the past! So why not try making your cabinets pink or blue with your planned kitchen renovation?

Look at the tiles of your Adelaide kitchen or room and decide on the colour that would look perfect on your cabinets and drawers . Is it pink, blue or green that you like? You could even come up with your unique colours!

Open Wall

Nature should always have a place in your kitchen, and that’s why we’re breaking walls down. Make your kitchen backsplash a window where you let the natural light in. Natural light adds more depth to your kitchen and makes all your features pop out more.

You can add herbs in colourful plant pots along your window to utilise the free space as much as possible. 

Wooden Features

Get the ultimate feel of luxury in your Adelaide kitchen by adding natural wood or wooden designs. For example, you could make your island or wooden countertop or get a wood imitation. You could go for red oak, white oak, redwood, etc. It all depends on the wood design or pattern you favour.

A significant place where wood excels in the kitchen is as a flooring option. Since actual wood requires frequent maintenance, you can get wooden tiles instead as they provide all the allure of authentic wood flooring with no weaknesses.

Pair the wooden features of your kitchen with your favourite colours, such as red, green, etc., to create a beautiful effect. Change your kitchen to a wooden haven with your next renovation.

A Smart Kitchen

Technology doesn’t end in the kitchen; in fact, you need it more than ever. You can have your kitchen respond to your commands with the swipe of your fingers or from a simple gesture.

Control the lighting of your kitchen from your phone, have a coffee machine that starts making your coffee the moment you walk into it. If you’re not a significant fan of technology, you can get a minor feature such as having your kitchen taps turn on when you put your hands under.

Technology makes life easier in spaces around you; why shouldn’t it make kitchen work easier too? Unfortunately, this year’s kitchen trends will leave you confused because you’ll find it hard to make a choice! Hills robes, however, can make your choice easier by giving you the kitchen design that fits your budget and kitchen design.

Contact hills robes and get the smart kitchen you need! 




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