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The Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2021

The Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2021

July 16, 2021

You don’t want to get left behind in this year’s kitchen trends!

You’re planning a mood board for your kitchen renovation, and you’ve not updated it? Well, no problem. We will be giving you the top kitchen renovation trends for 2021.

The kitchen trends range from design tips to storage management hacks that will make you love your kitchen for years to come.

If you don’t want to make your Adelaide kitchen regular, these are some of the kitchen renovation hacks you should consider:


Yes, marble is in again this year! Marble is one thing that’ll never go out of style- whether in the kitchen or tiling- so you should get used to seeing it around.

Marble is synonymous with luxury in the renovations world and is your one-way ticket to making your kitchen look sophisticated and luxurious. Heavily veined marble attracts the eyes of everyone who sees it- we can guarantee that everyone who enters your kitchen will stop to take a look. 

It also doesn’t hurt that marble is a highly durable material that doesn’t lose its shine. So you can consider marble for your kitchen’s tiling, sink, or island. In addition, it contrasts nicely with other types of finishes, such as metal or wood.

Pop of Colour

Thiskitchen renovation trend is for everyone who would like colour in their kitchen- bright colours because you’ll be going all out!

 What do you think about the colours yellow and pink in your kitchen? They’re both catchy colours that contrast beautifully to give your kitchen a bold look.

Your kitchen’s backsplash can be yellow, while your cabinetry can be pink. You don’t have to stick to only muted colours such as black, white, and grey in your kitchen- the colour wheel is only the beginning.

Explore all your options and introduce your best colours to your kitchen. 

Minimal Kitchen

If you don’t have that much space in your house and still want a kitchen renovation done, consider this trend.

With a minimal kitchen, all your drawers and cabinets are concealed in the walls making your kitchen look like just another room. Even your sink would be retractable-you’d only bring it up when you want to use it. 

Place chairs around your island to convert your kitchen into dining, relaxation, and kitchen area, all at once. This trend will help you save space, and you get to enjoy all the favourite things you like to do in an aesthetically pleasing spot.

Open Cabinetry

Most people are used to having cabinets with doors, well why not put all your cutlery, utensils, and provisions on display?

Open cabinetry eliminates the need to open your cabinets, one of the reasons it’s so popular. It’s very freeing because all you need to do is grab what you want whenever you need it, with no pesky door handles in the way.

Are you visualising any of these trends in your Adelaide kitchen? Love to have something similar in your kitchen? Contact Hills Robes!

Our kitchen renovations are second to none; you can ask around in Adelaide! We can bring your idea to life while working with your budget!




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