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The Hot Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Consider When Renovating

The Hot Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Consider When Renovating

September 13, 2021


Your kitchen cabinets are an essential component of your kitchen; one could even call them the most necessary fixture. Unfortunately, you can get so engrossed with the wallpaper, tiling, and replacement of kitchen equipment while doing kitchen renovations that you’ll forget your kitchen cabinets.

This is a decision you’d regret because your kitchen cabinets play an essential role in the aesthetics and functionality of your Adelaide kitchen. There are a lot of kitchen cabinet trends that’ll refresh your kitchen immediately and transform its look. 

Some kitchen cabinet trends you should consider when doing kitchen renovation trends are:

Colourful Cabinets

Most traditional kitchens tend to have either white, beige, or cream cabinets. Not that there’s anything wrong with these colours, they’re just overused and boring, definitely not something you should consider if you want your kitchen cabinetry to stand out.

Instead, why don’t you consider having pink or green cabinets? It may sound implausible or ugly when you think of it, but when it all comes together, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t done it sooner.

You should note that you can’t just choose any colour if you want it to go with your kitchen design. You should ensure that it still brings all the beautiful features of your kitchen together in the long run.

Any changes you make during kitchen renovations are semi-permanent; you can’t change them on a whim, so you should think long and hard before you make a choice.

Different Coloured Cabinets

When was it decided that your cabinets have to conform to one colour? It’s infrequent to see cabinets of different colours; they’re always uniform. They’re either all white, cream, or brown. 

This is a good thing because when you choose to deviate from the norm, your kitchen becomes unique, and that’s why it’s trending. So what are your favourite colours? Pink and white? 

Or green and black? Well, why don’t you have the cabinets in your kitchen painted in these colours? Then, you can paint the colour of your upper cabinets and then have the lower ones done in another colour.

You can also have your wall cabinets done in a different colour; you can choose as many colours as you want. Kitchen renovations are your chance to let your kitchen reflect you, and there’s nothing like too many colours; this only happens when they’re not in sync.

Floor To Ceiling Cabinets

Have you ever seen floor to ceiling cabinets? Your answer will most likely be no because it’s a rare sight and an innovation. However, this year made many people spend more time in the kitchen, and with that comes the realisation that you need more space.

Floor to ceiling cabinets utilises all the free space you have in your kitchen, so you’ll never have to worry about space being an issue. It’s space-efficient, and it also provides fantastic aesthetic appeal.

These cabinet trends would look good in your newly renovated Adelaide kitchen, don’t you think so? So let Hills Robes give you the cabinets you need and deserve; not only that but also the kitchen of your dreams.

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