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The Biggest Kitchen Renovation Traps And How To Avoid Them

The Biggest Kitchen Renovation Traps And How To Avoid Them

June 30, 2021


Finally getting a chance to renovate your kitchen is very exciting! But you need to be cautious, don’t let your excitement lead you to ignoring major red flags!

There are a lot of things that could go wrong when planning a kitchen renovation for your Adelaide home. That’s why you’d notice that it takes some people months to complete their renovations. 

With these tips, you can avoid kitchen renovation traps and effectively avoid them. Here are some of the biggest kitchen renovation traps and how you can avoid them:

Passing your budget

The most common thing people do while planning a kitchen renovation is surpassing the budget set . The appeal of new shiny kitchen equipment and cabinetry attracts even the most meticulous and analytical people. 

Before you think of the changes you want to make to your Adelaide kitchen and the new equipment you want to buy, map out a budget. When you have a budget, you’ll keep your plans and designs within your budget.

Before you look at trendy kitchen renovation designs on Pinterest, visualise your budget, and why it’s important you don’t surpass it.

Looking at aesthetic appeal and forgetting functionality

It’s very easy to think about making your kitchen a delight to look at and forget about all the clothes you want to keep in it. 

One of the traps people fall into while planning renovation is making the kitchen a good place to hang out but a bad place to cook. You’ll put the best lighting in your kitchen and forget to put enough shelves for your condiments and spices. You’ll remember to put in an island with adequate furniture but forget that you need more space in your sink to cook. 

Whatever you do, don’t forget that the whole point of your kitchen is to serve as a comfortable space for cooking. As you’re looking at trendy designs, also look at smart organisational hacks.

Useful equipment

Do you bake? No, but you’re thinking of getting an oven with your kitchen renovation. A trap people fall into is getting more equipment than they use or need. They see trendy equipment online and decide they want it, even though they have no plan of using it.

Only get kitchen equipment you’ll actually use – you can upgrade them, so they’re more high tech. That’s all you need.

Hiring the wrong renovators

The people who handle your kitchen renovation have a huge influence on how well it turns out. One kitchen renovation trap people fall into is going for the cheapest renovations they can find. You should know now that when you hire cheaply, you’ll get cheap results.

People who charge cheap rates for kitchen renovations are usually amateurs who don’t know much about the business. You can bet they’re using your Adelaide kitchen to learn instead of providing results.

Don’t also go for people who are too expensive because it can give the illusion of luxury. Go for a renovator whose price is just right enough for you to know they’re charging for the experience they’ve gotten over the years.

Hills Robes is affordable to the average Adelaide resident who wants to give their kitchen the best! With us, your kitchen renovation will be a breeze and come out amazing!



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