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The Best Kitchen Design Trends Of 2018

The Best Kitchen Design Trends Of 2018

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Getting your new Adelaide kitchen renovation just the way you want it, takes a significant amount of time, effort and financial investment, and with it being such a large project you probably want to ensure that you get it right to avoid years of regret or added expenses.

Design trends, especially internal ones, tend to be what influences our kitchen designs at the time of renovation. However, how can you determine what is going to be merely a fad or something that will see your kitchen look good for years to come? Here at Hills Robes and Kitchens, we have over 35 years of industry experience, so you can bet that we know a good kitchen trend when we see one!

Before you embark on your kitchen renovation journey, check out what has been a hit this year on the kitchen trend front and start planning the kitchen of your dreams! Keep reading to find out more!


Matte Black Fixtures and Fittings


With today’s kitchens moving towards more monotone colour palettes, homeowner’s are looking for a way for their kitchens to stand out timelessly. Enter, black fixtures and fittings.

Matte black has become a trendy choice for homeowners in both bathrooms and kitchens, with the black taps and handles pushing out stainless steel and creating a sleek, modern look without being overpowering.


Clean Lines


2018 has been all about creating kitchens with clean lines with galley style kitchens taking centre stage with clean lines cabinetry and state of the art appliances that blend into your kitchen space, resulting in a kitchen design that is simple, sophisticated and minimalist.


Appliance Nooks


Appliance nooks have become quite popular this year, as the clear-line trend continues its popularity. Ask your kitchen designer to include one in your cabinetry design, allowing you to hide your toaster, kettle and coffee machine and truly declutter and open up your kitchen space.


Statement Tiles


Statement tiles have played a significant role in kitchens this year. However, a statement tile doesn’t always have to mean bright and loud. Think about the herringbone design.You can use a plain white or neutral coloured tile and create a splashback that holds sophistication while also making a statement.


Why Choose Hills Robes And Kitchens For Your Next Adelaide Kitchen?


When you choose to renovate your kitchen, you want to invest your money into a company that holds experience and takes great pride in their works. At Hills, this is what we do precisely.

With over 35 years of industry experience, we have created stunning kitchens that provide our clients with premium style, functionality and practicality.

Be sure to call or visit us today and watch your kitchen dreams become a reality!



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