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The Benefit of Installing Built-in Wardrobes in Your Adelaide Homes

The Benefit of Installing Built-in Wardrobes in Your Adelaide Homes

July 09, 2021

Are you moving into a new Adelaide home or have numerous homes and don’t know what type of wardrobe you want in them? Let’s help you with your decision making by telling you the must-have wardrobe- built-in wardrobes!

Built-in wardrobes are the wardrobe options you can have in your Adelaide homes. However, there’s a reason why you see more built-in wardrobes than other types of wardrobes in homes. And that’s because the pros far outweigh the cons.

Here are some benefits of installing built-in wardrobes:


Compared to the price of getting other types of wardrobes, such as the walk-in, the cost of installing built-in wardrobes is low. In addition, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to install extensive wardrobe components because walk-in wardrobes aren’t large scale projects.

Once you have a budget, you can stay within it and maybe even go below it for your Adelaide home’s walk-in wardrobes. Use the money left over to fit your wardrobe with extra decorations such as lighting etc.


Built-in wardrobes rarely, if never, develop faults. They don’t require regular maintenance because of how basic they are in their use and design. All you’ll have in your built-in wardrobes are drawers, rods for hanging clothes, and maybe some hooks. 

These components don’t need regular cleaning or replacement to function all year round. Your walk-in wardrobe should never have issues, but this is only the case when it’s made of high quality. 

Come to Hills Robes for built-in wardrobes made of the highest quality regardless of your budget. 


 Contrary to what people think, you can get your built-in wardrobe in a wide range of designs. In addition, you can outfit your wardrobe with timeless features . A big built-in wardrobe design that’s trending at the moment is the blended look.

You get your wardrobe designed to fit in with the design of the bedroom it’s installed. You could also make the doors of your cabinets out of glass. You can also get wood finishes done on your wardrobe to change the way your room looks. 

Apart from the aesthetic designs that we offer, you can have the components customised to fit your needs for your built-in wardrobes. But if you prefer to fold your clothes rather than hanging them, you can get more drawers. 

If you have many shoes, you can get a lot of space for them on the bottom of your wardrobe.


Due to the fact, the wardrobe is built-in, the amount of space it can take up in your room is only limited to the size of your room. It is one of the primary reasons people go for built-in wardrobes- they need all the space they can get.

Built-in wardrobes maximise space and also contribute to the design of your room. Other wardrobe types require you to have ample space already before they can be installed. With built-in wardrobes, you don’t need anything to get started.

There are more cons than pros in getting built-in wardrobes, more so when you get your wardrobe from a quality wardrobe company like Hills Robes.

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