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Stunning Kitchen Renovations Inspo

Stunning Kitchen Renovations Inspo

August 20, 2021

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you need all the inspiration you can get for ideas! Unfortunately, when you’re researching ideas during kitchen renovations, you’ll find it hard to decide because of how many things you’ll have to choose from.

It doesn’t help that your budget is also limited, so not only do you have to find stunning kitchen designs, they have to be affordable too! However, you can bring out your creative side with these gorgeous kitchen renovations .

We have some stunning kitchen renovations that will bring out the inner Gordon Ramsay in you and everyone that steps into your kitchen. 

Islands With A Twist

Kitchen islands have remained in the kitchen ever since they’ve been introduced. Islands come in helpful when you’re chopping up fruits or things to use cooking or if you want to sit and have a quick drink with your friends. In addition, islands are helpful pieces of furniture that you can have designed any way you want.

You can have two islands installed into your kitchen if you have enough space or want the benefits of two islands. You can also have your island designed in a bright colour that contrasts with the backdrop of your kitchen. So, you could have a colourful blue island in the middle of your white or cream coloured kitchen.

Colorful Backsplash Tiles

 The backsplash tiles in your kitchen have an overall effect on how your kitchen looks. Unfortunately, people tend to be conservative with their backsplash, going for blue, black, or cream tiles. There’s nothing wrong with simple backsplash tiles, but they won’t inspire you during renovations.

Consider getting patterned tiles on the walls of your kitchen. You can have a flower, animal print, and patterned tiles that will give your kitchen a fun and eccentric look.

Monotone Kitchen

If you have a favourite colour, you shouldn’t shy away from making your whole kitchen the same colour. Having different colours in the kitchen has been so normalised that people are scared to stick to colour.

Have an all-white kitchen, white cabinets, islands, tiles, etc. It will give your kitchen a refined and clean look that no other colour will grant you. Or you can go with all black and have a few splashes of white in places you want to make a stand out. 

The key in choosing one colour is that it shows how the different shades can be utilised in a small space .

Kitchen Wallpapers

It can be boring to have the same wall in your kitchen for years when you can change it whenever you’d like. 

You can try out temporary wallpapers in your kitchen to see what works for you. There are wallpapers of various designs and colours that would complement your kitchen. You can take your twist on it by adding different wallpapers to your kitchen at a time.

Are you feeling inspired yet to begin your kitchen renovations? If you’re an interior designer and having trouble giving your clients ideas, these will help you. 

Come to Hills robes for more kitchen renovation inspirations that will have you wanting to change your kitchen’s design every year!




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