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Space, Functionality and Light: How to Achieve Your Dream Kitchen

Space, Functionality and Light: How to Achieve Your Dream Kitchen

How to Achieve your Dream Kitchen


Space, functionality and light are key when planning your kitchen design. These elements combine to create a spacious, usable and appealing kitchen, which will prove a joy to use. One of the many benefits of custom kitchen renovation, is that our skilled joiners can craft unique cabinetry and finishes that will bolster your kitchen’s performance. Adelaide’s kitchen renovation specialists, Hills Robes and Kitchens, can help you get the most out of your cooking area, maximising every iota of light and space. Read on to learn our design tips for creating a light, airy and hardworking kitchen.


Space Savers


The heart of your home can be a thorn in your side when space is limited. Consider these space-saving wonders when renovating your Adelaide kitchen, and give the tiniest of cookeries a palatial vibe:

Once your cabinets are at capacity, you don’t want to clutter up your counters with kitchen paraphernalia. Why not put your walls to work with hooks, shelving and a suspended knife block? A feature built-in wall will maximise shelving, without encroaching on your space.
Pot racks are space-saving heroes that can be adhered to walls or hung from the ceiling, and provide an attractive feature, showcasing your most-prized cookware. Adelaide’s own kitchen renovation specialists will ensure that these fixtures are installed to the highest standard and integrate seamlessly with your new kitchen.

A multipurpose island bench is king, if you want to maximise space and functionality, but, if your kitchen is not quite large enough to house one, get creative with counter design. Extending your bench space by mere inches in depth and width, will create a much more spacious feel.
Custom designed corner built-ins and corner drawers are another great means of capitalising on space, putting this often-neglected and awkward area of your kitchen to work.


Usability is Key


You could have the most stylish kitchen on the planet, packed with high-end appliances, but if it isn’t tailored to how you will use the space, it could become the bane of your existence. Adelaide’s kitchen design experts will plan your kitchen renovation to the letter. Is cooking done solo, or is it a family affair? Does one person wash the dishes while one of you cooks? Do you usually have food on the stovetop and in the oven at the same time? There are so many points to consider to ensure that your new kitchen will work for you.

Clever, multifunctional features will help your kitchen to earn its keep by exploiting the available space and making food prep a breeze. Kitchen islands work overtime by housing sinks, dishwashers, cabinets, a breakfast bar, built-in wine racks and shelving. Drawers with fold-out storage and lazy Susan corner cupboards can multiply your storage space. Hills Robes and Kitchens are Adelaide’s kitchen renovation professionals, and our experienced design team will help you to achieve a well-functioning kitchen, that makes excellent use of your available space.


Let there be light


Gloomy kitchens can look cold and uninviting. An open plan kitchen with north-facing windows will drench the space in light and ambience but, when this is not possible, there are ways to let the sunshine in. Using light and neutral tones will brighten an otherwise dim kitchen. When planning your kitchen renovation, Adelaide’s leading kitchen designers at Hills Robes and Kitchens can advise of colours and finishes that will enhance your home and amplify the light.

Reflective surfaces, like a mirrored splashback and high-gloss cabinetry, will exploit the light that does come in; placing mirrors adjacent to, or opposite, a window, will enhance this effect. When renovating your kitchen, this is the perfect time to install an additional window or skylight, if the area is starved of light. Adelaide’s premier kitchen renovation team can advise of ideal window placement, and plan your kitchen to maximise the natural light.

If you’re ready to transform your kitchen into a multitasking, space-saving sensation, call our experienced team to arrange for your free, no-obligation design consultation and quote. For kitchen renovation in Adelaide, there is no better name than Hills Robes and Kitchens, with our longstanding reputation from superior artisanship and crafting high-performing kitchens that stand the test of time.




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