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Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Renovation...NOW!

April 09, 2020


Not liking the look of your Adelaide kitchen is reason enough to start considering investing in kitchen renovations. Having a kitchen that isn’t functional or safe, however, is a much more pressing reason to hurry to your contractor’s office. Not sure if kitchen renovations should be at the top of your priority list? Take a look at today’s blog post, where we’ll talk about the most important reasons to redo your Adelaide kitchen.

4 Tell Tale Signs to Invest in Kitchen Renovations for Your Adelaide Home

Your Kitchen Space Is Damaged

The more pressing reason to invest in Adelaide kitchen renovations is damage. Damaged floors, plumbing or cabinetry in the kitchen is not only unsightly, but also potentially dangerous and costly to repair. The more time you let pass after you first notice the damage, the worse the situation can get. Unlike basic renovations, conducting repairs and fixing any other issues caused by the damage is very complicated. What’s worse, the expenses involved in repairs can end up blowing through your savings in a second.

You Lack Storage Space

Has your family expanded recently? Anything from an additional family member to lifestyle changes can greatly impact your kitchen storage requirements. Not having enough space to store your pantry and cleaning items is a recipe for disaster. Rather than cluttering up the rest of your house, you can reinvent your kitchen to better fit your needs. A new kitchen layout can help you improve your space with additional cabinetry, a functional pantry or a spacious pantry.

The Layout Affects Your Workflow

A kitchen is more than a one more pretty room in your Adelaide home. Kitchens should be appealing to the eye, but most importantly they should be functional and practical. At the end of the day, your kitchen is a workspace for cooking, eating and other daily chores. Your kitchen design and layout should facilitate your daily routine and workflow for efficiency. If you find that you are constantly bumping into things, lack countertop space to work or struggle to move around, it is time to consider kitchen renovations.

The Design Is Outdated

If your Adelaide kitchen looks like it could be the set of an 80’s movie, it's definitely time for kitchen renovations. For those planning to welcome guests confidently into their kitchens or even sell their home in the future, having a modern looking kitchen is key. Updated, functional devices, an ageless color palette and a stylish design can not only make your home more beautiful, but also easier to sell further down the road. Whether you feel ashamed of your home’s appearance or are preparing for a future sell, investing in your kitchen is always a good idea.

Bottom Line

Are you ready to transform your kitchen into a space you love? At Hills Robes and Kitchensyou’ll find a trustworthy team of kitchen renovation experts to help you in the process. Since we first opened our doors 35 years ago, Hills Robes and Kitchens has been improving Adelaide homes, one kitchen at a time. Our great expertise and superior material selection guarantees the success of our kitchen renovation projects. Ready to discuss your project in detail? Don’t hesitate to reach out . Simply call(08) 8423 1037for a free in-home consultation!




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