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Signs 2022 Is the Year You Should Renovate Your Kitchen!

Signs 2022 Is the Year You Should Renovate Your Kitchen!

March 24, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of your Adelaide home. It can affect every aspect of your life. If your Adelaide kitchen does not meet your needs and expectations, it is time for a renovation.


Many homeowners try to avoid the hassle of going through a large project, like a kitchen renovation. However, if done right, kitchen renovations can be life-changing. If your Adelaide kitchen shows these signs, it is time for a renovation:

Lack of Storage


Does your Adelaide kitchen always feel cluttered and unorganized? Does it seem like you always cannot find space to store your pots and dishes? All these are signs; your Adelaide kitchen needs a renovation.


It is amazing what a well-designed kitchen renovation can do. It does not matter if your Adelaide kitchen is small. The right kitchen renovation will make the most of the amount of space you have.


Even if you do not cook large meals, you will still need enough counter space to prepare food. Your Adelaide kitchen also must contain designated storage spaces for your pots, dishes, and food.

Change in Lifestyle


Over the past years, the design of your Adelaide kitchen might have served you well. However, over time, your lifestyle will change. Expanding your family or becoming an empty nester, events like these call for a kitchen renovation.


Maybe you have used your Adelaide kitchen all this time just to prepare large meals for your family. Now, you need a more inviting space to entertain guests. All these changes in your life must be reflected in the new design of your Adelaide kitchen renovation.

Impractical Layout


Your Adelaide kitchen is supposed to be easy to use. It must have a smooth flow. You should not feel like running around in circles to prepare a meal. That is why your kitchen renovation designer must put the “kitchen triangle” in mind.


The kitchen triangle consists of three points: the stove and the oven, the fridge, and the sink. This is a classic design trick that ensures your Adelaide kitchen renovation will be practical and efficient. You will feel the difference immediately.


At Hills, we provide our Adelaide customers with the premier kitchen renovation experience they deserve. With us, you can forget about the stress and hassle of kitchen renovations.


Our team of experts will guide you through every step of your Adelaide kitchen renovation process. They will help you achieve the optimal kitchen renovation design for your needs, lifestyle, and budget.


To help you imagine what your Adelaide kitchen renovation will look like, we employ the latest 3D design software. It will bring your dream kitchen design to life before we start the renovation.


This way, you can easily play with colours and styles. You can also make any desired tweaks before we start working on your Adelaide kitchen.


Get the kitchen renovation of your dreams. Contact us now!



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