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Professional Advice: Where to Place Your Built-in Robes in Your Adelaide Home

Professional Advice: Where to Place Your Built-in Robes in Your Adelaide Home

November 18, 2021

Where do you plan to place your built-in robes in your home? If you’re designing your wardrobe yourself, you will be in charge of the installation and where it will be placed. Not every wall in your home is suitable for wardrobe as some areas are too weak to handle them.

Get creative with placing your built-in robes; you’ll see that everywhere in your home is a potential space.

There are more things involved, so keep on reading for professional advice on where to place your built-in robes:

Behind your bed

The specific position of built-in robes is by the side of your bed, left or right. But what if the only available space in your room is behind your bed? Shift your bed forward a bit and install an open wardrobe. This type of robes don’t have doors and are perfect in any small room.

You just need to go around your bed and select the clothes you need.

Take advantage of corners

Take advantage of every spare space you can get in your Adelaide home, even if it’s alcoves or eaves. These spaces are perfect for built-in robes because they blend in seamlessly and don’t take up any extra space.

Floor to ceiling wardrobes are perfect in rooms such as this and help beautify the space. Every corner in your home is a potential wardrobe; don’t attempt any carpentry work yourself. Always call professionals.


Beneath the staircase is a space that could be used for many things. Many people install their pantries or shoe racks in the spot under their staircase. Take advantage of this and transform your staircase space into a wardrobe.

This is perfect if your room faces the staircase or needs extra space for your shoes, belts, or bags.

Your bed

We already said behind your bed, but your bed itself is another spot for a wardrobe. Your clothes take up all the space in your room; meanwhile, your shoes are in the corridor. Your shoes don’t have to be too far away from your room; you can turn your bed into shoe storage.

Have cabinets installed into the foot of your bed? Then, keep your shoes, jewellery and underwear in your bed cabinet. You can do this with any other furniture you have in your room, such as a chair or table.

Upper space

If you’re vertically declined, you probably won’t like this option because much stretching is involved. However, if all the lower space in your room is occupied, look up. Cabinets are perfect in the ceiling space of your room, and you can store things like your shoes, hats, belts etc.

You could have a rolling ladder installed to reach the high space or climb a small side table.

While walls are the common spaces for built-in robes, they can also fit into many more spaces. Do you have any corridor in your home you’d love to transform into built-in robes? Hills robes will give your Adelaide home the wardrobes it needs.

Message us ; let’s clear up those empty spaces!



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