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Organise your clothing just in time for the new year with a built-in robe!

Organise your clothing just in time for the new year with a built-in robe!

January 13, 2022

The year is almost over, and now is the best time to organise your wardrobe before the new year approaches. You'll be donating old clothes that you don't wear anymore or have never worn. At the same time, you'll also be buying more shoes, bags and receiving new gifts.

In this case, you'll realise how little your wardrobe is and how little space it has for your clothing. A built-in robe is just the thing you need in your Adelaide home. It helps you to organise your clothes better by:

Sufficient hanging space

In your current wardrobe, how do you organise your clothes? Do you prefer to fold your clothes? Folding clothes is not a bad way to organise clothes in your wardrobe, just that it leaves a lot of free space. For example, you'll be leaving a lot of room on the top part of your robe when you could occupy it.

Folding clothes also makes it hard to find clothes in your built-in robes. So how do you find specific articles of clothing? A built-in robe comes with a portion dedicated to hanging. So all the dresses and jackets you've been storing can be kept in the open when you hang them.

Hanging your clothes also makes it easier to retrieve certain clothes whenever you need them. If you only fold your t-shirts and jeans, finding whatever you're looking for gets easier. Built-in robes are definitely a necessity in your Adelaide home.


There are other items you'd rather keep separate from your clothes. Underwears, ties etc., undoubtedly need their separate sections, and a built-in robe will give you that. Your built-in robe will come with drawers where you can keep all sorts of things. You could fold specific clothes such as work outfits in a particular cabinet for easy access.

A built-in wardrobe allows you to get creative with all the compartments available. With the proper design, you'll enjoy all the ways your robe can serve you. For example, would you prefer if your built-in robe had many drawers? Hills Robes designs your wardrobe according to your needs and specifications.

Whether you want your built-in only to have a line for hanging clothes or an open space, we can do it all.

Utilise the leftover space

When it comes to built-in robes, you also need to make use of the space around them. For example, in most built-ins, there's space on top. So you could keep your shoe boxes on top of your wardrobe or keep your box. Keep clothes from the previous year that you don't wear anymore on top.

If you're going for a hinged wardrobe, have hooks installed. Then, you can hang your ties, hats, belts etc., on the wall of your wardrobe. You can also keep shoes or boxes under your wardrobe.

Once you do your new year shopping for clothes, you'll be left with the problem of arranging your clothes. Eliminate this by getting built-in robes from hills robes. Ready to start clearing up much-needed space? Message us.




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