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Make the Most of Your Walk-In Robe

Make the Most of Your Walk-In Robe

Instead of the traditional freestanding wardrobe or built-in robes, a walk-in robe can provide your home with a sense of luxury as well as a larger storage area for clothing, shoes and accessories in a variety of layouts.

With endless options available for the fit-out of your wardrobe, each offering different degrees of style versus function. We have listed a few of our best tips, to ensure that you get the most out of your walk-in robe.


Be Smart With Your Shelving Heights


At Hills Robes we offer you the choice of custom-built shelving, or premade shelving that can easily change height. This enables you to have different heights depending on the items you’re needing to store. Meaning you can completely maximise your space by grouping items of a similar height and storing them on shelves that are perfect to fit them.




The inside of cupboard doors or free wall space within your walk-in robe are a great places to install hooks while also making use of what would otherwise be considered as dead space. This provides you with a storage solution for items such as bags, belts, ties and hats.


Draw Dividers


By taking the time to divide your drawers into segments, not only will you be able to fit so much more inside them, they’ll look better too. At Hills Robes and Kitchens we have all of the required materials needed to fit your new wardrobe with fantastic storage solutions.


Install Retractable Wardrobe Accessories


By installing retractable wardrobe accessories, you will instantly gain more space in your walk-in robe. These accessories allow you to easily pull things out (and revert them out of sight when you’re not using them), providing you with more space to move around.

Following the previous tip, install some retractable hooks. When retracted these hooks are virtually invisible. The next? They transform into a wonderfully practical way to hang a coat you may have just taken off.

When it comes to walk-in robes, particularly those on the smaller side, is that they have to look neat. Otherwise, a small space as well as clutter equals instant mess.


Install a Mirror on a Blank Wall


While installing a full length mirror may not provide you with a storage solution, it will provide you with the illusion of a bigger room.


Install All the Way to the Top


Our design experts will discuss with you what is the best design option for your budget and needs, but if you can, we recommend using the entire height of your walk-in. This is great way to make the most of the room’s space, and provides you with a space to store things that you may not have room for otherwise.

At Hills Robes and Kitchens our expert staff will help you design the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams. We can provide you with expert storage advice to make the most out of your space. Get in contact with the team today for a free no-obligation quote!




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