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Luxurious Built-in Wardrobes that Will Add Value to Your Adelaide Home

Luxurious Built-in Wardrobes that Will Add Value to Your Adelaide Home

December 30, 2021

If you’re looking for a safe and affordable way to increase the value of your Adelaide home, wardrobes are your answer. Most people don’t know this, but wardrobes increase the value of homes.

Much needed space in rooms are coveted, and wardrobes that provide this are a marvel to homebuyers. However, you can’t go for just any built-in style; only luxurious built-in wardrobes can amp up your property’s value.

Here are some luxurious wardrobe styles that you and your home’s future owners would love.

Glass doors

The most common built-in wardrobe doors are wooden or plastic, making glass doors much more unique. Glass wardrobe doors are a rare sight, so it’s no surprise they add value to any Adelaide home you’re added to.

Other benefits associated with glass doors make them a fantastic feature. For example, with glass doors, you can look into your wardrobe without opening it, so you can make a clothing choice as you’re preparing for the day.

Glass doors also blend with any design, saving you the stress of selecting wardrobe doors that will blend with your room’s décor. In addition, they’re highly durable and easy to clean; the sight of glass doors is enough to land a buyer for your Adelaide home.

Sliding doors

Hinged wardrobe doors take up space while you’re opening them. Some doors are so big that you can’t move much around your room while your wardrobe is open. Keep your wardrobe space in mind when selecting a built-in wardrobe style. Sliding doors are an excellent choice because they help you economise space.

They also give you enough chances to place things over your wardrobe or customise it. For example, you could put a stool in front of your closet or hang hooks for your bags over it. The sheer versatility of sliding wardrobes make them valuable in any home it’s placed in.

Railed wardrobes

Folding clothes is a chore that not everyone wants to bother with. Hanging your clothes up is much easier because all you have to do is hook them up. Purely railed wardrobes are few because most people always create space for folding.

Create different compartments for hanging your shirts, jeans, jackets and dresses in your wardrobe. Or, if you’d like to be dynamic, you can have a space for folding and another for hanging. Having the two storage options to choose from gives a choice and more space.

And also, having a wardrobe for hanging and folding is simply the best of both worlds; nobody would pass it up.

Open wardrobe

Why do you have to close your wardrobe? Your wardrobe can remain permanently open; you don’t need to install doors. An open wardrobe is an amazing wardrobe design to have if you have a free corner in your room.

You can put a stool in front of your wardrobe and even have a mirror installed on the other side. That way, you can have a sort of makeshift dressing room or walk-in wardrobe.

Which of these luxurious built-in wardrobes do you like? Would you love to have glass doors over your wardrobe? Hills Robes will design your wardrobe to fit your specifications. Contact us if you’re ready to add value to your home.




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