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Kitchen Styles for 2020 You`ll Love!

Kitchen Styles for 2020 You`ll Love!

February 08, 2020


There's no better way to kick-start a new year than by renovating your favourite  spaces. If you are looking to improve your Adelaide home in 2020, the best way  to start is with kitchen renovations. Modernising your kitchen can have a huge  aesthetic impact on your home. Also, a kitchen remodel will instantly add value  to any property. Check out our design suggestions below to get a new kitchen you'll love!


Best Kitchen Style Trends for 2020


Creative Backsplashes


More than ever, we are seeing the trendiest homes feature eye-catching backsplashes. This kitchen feature is no longer being used as a mere tool to protect our surfaces, but as a real element of style. To keep up with the trends, consider incorporating slab or colourful tiles to your backsplash during your renovations.


Natural Wood


While white cabinetry might have been all the rage in kitchen design the past few years, designers are starting to favour natural wood tones. When used correctly, natural, warm stained wood can bring cosiness and style to your new kitchen. Compliment darker wood with a light stone countertop for magazine-worthy results.


Open Shelves


If you are just planning an Adelaide kitchen renovation, make sure to include open shelving in your designs. Open shelves can act as the perfect accent pieces on your walls. Fill them up with your favourite decorative elements and cookbooks to make your kitchen homey and stylish.


Pops of Colour


A great way to incorporate character to your kitchen design is by incorporating bright or pastel pops of colour. In 2020, you can expect the trendiest kitchens to add vibrant colours in appliances or small areas. Creating this visual statement can make any room instantly more fun and unique. If you enjoy colourful design, consider investing in a statement piece for your Adelaide kitchen renovations.


Sleek Finishes


With minimalism on the rise, more and more homeowners are looking to get that clean, sleek look. From hidden appliances to ultra-glossy, simplified cabinetry, less is better for 2020. To get this look, ask your kitchen renovation contractor for neutral tones and long clean lines in your kitchen design. You can add some excitement to this look using metallic or black accents or even incorporating a steel hood.


Embrace 2020 with Adelaide Kitchen Renovations


There is no better way to start improving your Adelaide home than by renovating your kitchen. If you want to transform your kitchen into the most stylish room in your home, look no further than Hills Robes and Kitchens. We will collaborate with you at each stage to guarantee you the best results. Our experienced staff uses curated materials to transform any kitchen into a functional and stylish space.


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