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Kitchen Renovations Guide 101: How to Improve Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Renovations Guide 101: How to Improve Kitchen Layout

October 14, 2021

When people are planning kitchen renovations, they rarely consider their kitchen layout. Most times, they’re more focused on picking tiles, cabinets, furniture, etc. But what, then, happens to your kitchen layout?


Your kitchen layout is responsible for how all your kitchen equipment and features function together. For example, how easy is it for you to move from the kitchen sink to your cabinets? How many people can move around your kitchen at a time? These are some of the things your kitchen layout is responsible for.


For better kitchen renovations, here are some of the ways you can improve your kitchen layout.


Find An Appropriate Centre


The sink is the focal point in most kitchen designs- the other kitchen fixtures are designed around it. Whether you know it or not, you spend most of your time in the kitchen at the sink. That’s where you do the dishes and where you prepare the ingredients.


You must know where you want your sink to be placed; do you want it in the middle of your kitchen with the island or at the side facing your window?


Figure out where you’d like to spend the most time in your kitchen and base your renovation around it.


Remove Obstructions


Many people walk into the kitchen throughout the day, making it one area of the Adelaide home that’s walked into the most. So you want to design your kitchen so that people encounter little to no obstruction while entering your kitchen.


For example, put the entrance of your kitchen in a position that leads to an open area. Or you could remove your fridge, oven or whatever equipment that obstructs your kitchen door. The end goal of kitchen renovations is to improve your experience while you’re in the kitchen. Obstructions can lead to spills and minor accidents.


Put Enough Distance


You want to put enough distance-but not too much- between the main components of your kitchen. The most common steps that you’ll take in your kitchen will take you from your sink with regular trips to the fridge, to your cooktop and then to the serving area.


Naturally, you’d want your fridge close enough to your sink, so getting ingredients is easy as possible. Your sink and cooktop need to be near each other- when they’re far from each other, it complicates the cooking process.


However, when you’re making all your kitchen fixtures near each other, you don’t want them too close that they interfere with each other. Depending on what issue you’re facing, you’ll know how much distance you’ll need to put.


Keep Storage In Mind


When planning kitchen renovations, people mostly think about how they can get as many cabinets in their kitchen. However, there are better ways you can manage space in your kitchen without cabinets.


You can consider installing ceiling to wall shelves in your kitchen and storing most of your foodstuffs in them. Open shelves are another way you can maximise the space in your kitchen without taking too much space.


These tips will improve your kitchen layout and the experience you have while you’re in your Adelaide kitchen. Which tip do you think would help your kitchen the most? Contact Hills Robes for efficient and functional renovations!



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