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Kitchen Renovation Trends We`re Loving!

Kitchen Renovation Trends We`re Loving!

March 21, 2021


People have really been letting their creative juices flow in their kitchen, and we've been living for it. If you're planning to have a kitchen renovation done and none of these designs is on your list, cancel your list. These kitchen renovation trends will keep you confined to your Adelaide kitchen all day and probably start a food page!

The best part is that these trends don't have to hurt your pocket, as there are many budget-friendly and creative options to go for. Here are some kitchen renovation trends we're really loving!

Built-In Pantry

Pantries are a must-have in every modern Adelaide kitchen and if you don't have a pantry, get one. Or rather, wait till the end of this article to decide what you'll be adding to your kitchen. Lately, pantries are no longer obvious but are built-in to blend with the cabinetry of your kitchen.

A built-in pantry provides more simplicity as it rhymes with the rest of the kitchen. And it also gives you more space to play with, because you can utilise most of the wall space in your kitchen. So you're getting the benefits of a pantry with a built-in wardrobe.

Wooden Finishes and Cabinetry

One thing that never goes out of style is wooden décor, whether in-home or kitchen renovation. Having wooden cabinets and cabinetry in your Adelaide kitchen gives it a luxurious feel. This trend is one of our favourites because we love the rustic charm it gives to most homes.

A Colourful Kitchen

Disregard the old trends that said your kitchen has to be painted in neutral colours. You can have kitchen renovation done to make your kitchen bright like a rainbow if you want. You can paint your kitchen walls pink, if you want. Just make sure you choose a colour that will look great for years to come.

You can also go colourful on your kitchen furniture. And speaking of kitchen furniture, this brings us to.


Why have one kitchen island when you can have two? Two islands give you double the benefits of an island. And it is a good thing to consider if you're looking to take up extra space in your kitchen. Two kitchen islands will give your kitchen a luxurious feel and an excuse to hang out in your kitchen more! 

Knowing kitchen trends is only good if your kitchen renovation can bring it to life. 

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