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Kitchen Renovation Trends 2019

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2019

Kitchen renovations come with new trends every year. Some trends are in for one season, while others are here to stay. That is why trying to keep your Adelaide kitchen trendy and stylish could be a demanding job.

The dominating 2018 trends in kitchen renovations, like neutral surfaces and subway tiles, are substituted this year with darker moodier tones, natural materials and more flexible designs. These are the hottest trends in 2019 kitchen renovations:


The No-Kitchen Look

As open kitchens are still so popular, the designers are working on closing the gap between functionality and aesthetics. This design aims for a less-kitcheny more luxe look. With exquisite and stylish finishes, integrated, sleek appliances and a variety of touchable natural textures, it will be easy to mistake your Adelaide kitchen for your living or dining room.

With this look, you will have the option of camouflaging parts of your kitchen. Smartly-concealed storage solutions and sliding covered kitchen sinks that add more counter space are very trendy kitchen renovations this year.


Sleek and integrated appliances are also trending this year. They disappear before your eyes, giving your Adelaide kitchen a more sophisticated and luxurious look. Integrated appliances make a perfect solution for small kitchen renovations. They also provide a more cohesive look to larger kitchens.


Matte Black Is Back

In 2019, all-white and pastel kitchens will take a back seat to more dramatic, more vibrant and darker shades in the kitchen renovations. Black is a colour that is easier to keep clean and to maintain. It adds a more modern and sleeker look to any room.

All-black kitchens with touches of gold, white or grey are quite the trend this year. Black adds a sense of drama that is perfect for an entertainer's kitchen. Black finishes could also be added to light-coloured kitchens to give them a trendier look, without having to darken the kitchen fully.

Also trending this year, are black kitchen appliances. Black steel reflects the light, giving your appliances a shimmery feel. Therefore, black appliances will add a stylish, luxurious look to any modern, industrial-style or richly-decorated kitchen.


Modular Kitchens

Flexibility is vital in every kitchen. Modular kitchens are designed as the answer to the growing need for kitchen customisation. In this design, kitchens have moving parts that could be rearranged to play multifunctional roles. For example, having extractable tables that let you create extendable dining zones for your guests.

To have a fully-functional modular kitchen, its design needs to be creatively and critically planned. The planning stage is critical in these kitchen renovations and requires more work. However, it is worth it. Your kitchen design will be in your hands to adapt it to your constantly changing needs and lifestyle.


Be aware that, not all trends will be suitable for all kitchen renovations. That is where Hills Robes and Kitchens comes in handy. In our kitchen renovations, we integrate the trends to fit your Adelaide kitchen needs, not the other way around. Call us now to get the stylish Adelaide kitchen that suits you!



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