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I Want a Wardrobe That Will Suit My Heritage Home, Is That Possible?

I Want a Wardrobe That Will Suit My Heritage Home, Is That Possible?

No one can deny that heritage homes are exquisite. Their rich character and unique style will transport you back in time. That is why their renovation needs to be handled with extra care. You would want to create a new, current look. However, the history and character of the house must also be preserved.

The furniture and accessories should be designed to complement and highlight the past of your Adelaide heritage house. That does not mean focusing on designs that originate from the same era as the house. However, you should avoid using ultra-modern styles that will not blend with the historical details of the house.

When choosing wardrobes for your Adelaide heritage home, it is better to get them custom designed. This way, the wardrobes will be created to complement the style of your house. At Hills Robes and Kitchens, we design, build and fit custom wardrobes for both heritage and contemporary Adelaide homes. Our handcrafted wardrobes are thoughtfully designed to meet your lifestyle and storage needs. We offer a vast array of colours and finishes to make sure the design of our wardrobes blend effortlessly with your Adelaide heritage home style.


Elegant Heritage Touches

Any home renovation project should not strip your Adelaide home from its heritage features. Items, such as ceiling roses or decorative cornices must be highlighted not hidden or destroyed. They tell the story of your heritage house and its history. To connect your new wardrobes with the classic style of your home, we can integrate some of its heritage features into their design.

At Hills Robes and Kitchens, we can customise wardrobes with a vinyl wrapped heritage pelmet. These finishing touches will give the wardrobes a classic look that makes them blend with the character of your Adelaide home.


Smooth Contemporary Glass

To add a modern touch to your heritage home, you can integrate some clean and simple contemporary pieces. Choose designs with rich textures, clean lines and soft colours. Avoid radically modern designs. They will feel out of place in your classic style Adelaide house.

The sleek, smooth glass finish gives your wardrobes a contemporary look that suits heritage homes. Our painted glass wardrobes are suitable for areas such as the hallway, laundry or pantry. The hardened glass doors of our wardrobes can be painted in any colour or shade to complement the surrounding décor.


Shaker-Style Doors

Shaker style doors are ideal for heritage homes. Their traditional and timeless design will complement the classic features of your Adelaide home beautifully. On the other hand, their chic and clean lines will add a more contemporary look to the house.

At Hills Robes and Kitchens, we can tailor-make routed panels or Hamptons-style shaker doors for your wardrobes. They will add an extra touch of class and sophistication to the room.

Our expert design consultants have a lot more to offer. Call us today to schedule a wardrobe design and free consultation!



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