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How Your lifeless Kitchen Can Be Turned Into the Kitchen of Your Dreams

How Your lifeless Kitchen Can Be Turned Into the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Renovating With Hills Kitchens in Adelaide: Transforming Lifeless Kitchens Into the Stuff of Dreams


When it comes to your kitchen renovation, it’s hard not to dream big. Unless you have a business of fixing and flipping homes in Adelaide, renovating a kitchen is something you’ll likely do once in your life. Why not go after the design you’ve been dreaming about?

If you’re contemplating a renovation, Hills Kitchens in Adelaide can breathe new life into your tired old cookery, with a smart new design and a range of gorgeous finishes to suit every taste and budget.


Don’t Compromise on Quality


You’ve knuckled down and saved for months on end; now that your kitchen renovation is finally within reach, don’t compromise on things that matter. There are so many renovation options available in Adelaide, from budget DIY kits to lavish timber joinery; neither one extreme is likely to give you the best value for money.


Of premier importance, is the longevity of your renovation. Renovating requires a significant investment of time and money—you don’t want your new galley sporting dents and stains a week after completion. Our solid MDF cabinet doors and panels and cabinet carcasses are made from 16mm white melamine are finished with a vinyl-wrap, to give you superior long-wear and water resistance.


To guarantee the quality of your home improvement, have your kitchen custom-made in Adelaide, by a reputable, local business. Choosing local will ensure that your renovation meets stringent Australian standards. At Hills, we only work with the finest, most-durable materials; we also extend a ten-year guarantee on kitchen renovations, to protect your investment.


Your One-Stop-Shop in Adelaide for Affordable, Quality Appliances


If you are working with a budget, it’s essential that you know where to splurge on your renovation, and where to scrimp. Some gorgeous budget-savvy materials will create the look you want for less, while some midrange appliances will function just as well as the premium brands. Hills has brought the finest local and international appliance brands to Adelaide, giving you absolute quality and choice, at a variety of price-points.


Countertop Real Estate


Nothing makes a kitchen feel quite as lavish as an abundance of stylish, unobstructed counter space. Imagine the ability to space out your appliances, utensils and tools so that you can see right away what you’re looking for, or to prepare your meals sans run-ins with your kitchen appliances.

Renovating your kitchen with Hills, gives you access to a wide range of Adelaide’s finest counter materials, from budget to luxe, and savvy consultants who will deliver a design that maximises every inch of space available.


While natural materials like marble and timber are beautiful, they’re quite porous and vulnerable to stains and blemishes; an engineered stone or good-quality laminate benchtop will give you greater resilience while offering a comparable aesthetic.


Stunning Splashbacks


No one likes cozying up with grout cleaner and a scrubbing brush in their spare time. Glass has overtaken tile as the material of choice for a high-impact, easy-clean splashback, furnishing any kitchen with a stylish focal point. Hills Kitchens in Adelaide houses a superb range of glass and stainless-steel splashback options for your renovation, which can be customised to suit any design style.


Thinking kitchen renovation in Adelaide? Think Hills Kitchens


Call today for your free, in-home design appointment and learn more about the stunning range of finishes on offer, which willsee your dream kitchen manifest into reality.



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