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How Working From Home Has Changed Women`s Wardrobes

How Working From Home Has Changed Women`s Wardrobes

April 26, 2021


Wardrobes are a reflection of people's lifestyle. That is how working from home has changed the wardrobes requirements of many women. Many continued to get dressed as if they were going to their offices in Adelaide. However, they tried to find a balance between professional, formal wardrobes and comfy, cosy looks.  

Even if you are not going out, getting dressed can cheer you up. It will get you in the mood for work. However, staying at your Adelaide home does not mean you should limit yourself to sweatpants. There are other ways to combine comfort wardrobes with smart styles. 


Many women in Adelaide noticed they were ignoring a big part of their wardrobes. They were focusing on specific items that fit their current lifestyle. The other parts of the wardrobes were either not comfortable enough or did not fit their current body shape preferences. 


Here are some items women in Adelaide and worldwide favoured in their wardrobes during the past year:


Quality Knitwear

All wardrobes should have some quality knitwear items. These will not just make you feel comfortable while working from your Adelaide home. Knitwear will also add some touch of elegance to your look. 



Comfortable Bottoms

These are essential items in all working from home wardrobes. Stretchy cotton bottoms are not as constricting as jeans. They will help you relax and more around your Adelaide home with comfort. You can also easily dress them up or down as you like. 


Loose Dresses

A loose cotton dress or kimono is a great way to go. It is easy to throw on when you do not feel like getting dressed. Loose dresses are also low maintenance and do not require much effort to style. That is why many women in Adelaide preferred them in their wardrobes. 


Flat Shoes

Many women traded their high heels for flat shoes or even flip flops working from their Adelaide home. Their wardrobes were stocked with comfortable sneakers, flats and mules to mix and match with any outfit. These are easy to slide on and off during the long day at your Adelaide home.


At Hills Robes, we provide built-in and walk-in wardrobes solutions in Adelaide to solve all storage problems. Our wardrobes will easily adapt to your changing needs and give your Adelaide home more living space. We understand that people's style and requirements change over time. That is why we provide flexible wardrobe modular designs.


Our Adelaide wardrobes will be tailored to suit your needs perfectly. You can choose from clever additional features that will make the most out of the space you have. Our variety of wardrobes storage solutions includes full- and half-length hangers, adjustable shelving, pigeonhole boxes, shoe racks, drawers and more. You can select the wardrobes storage combination that best works for your needs.


Get Adelaide wardrobes that will adapt to your changing lifestyle, not the other way around. Contact us now to arrange for your complimentary design consultation and quote!




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