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How to Prepare For Your Kitchen Renovation

How to Prepare For Your Kitchen Renovation

Preparing For Your Kitchen Renovation


Whether you’re completing a minor remodel or a major renovation, the thought of being without your kitchen for a significant period can be frightening. The process of a kitchen renovation can be chaotic and be aggravating at times. Continually eating fast food or going to restaurants can get old quick, and add added expenses to your day to day life.

At Hills Robes and Kitchens, we understand this frustration which is why we always aim to keep our clients informed as well as completing the kitchen renovation as promptly as we possibly can. With a bit of planning, you can survive the kitchen renovation process.

Here are a few suggestions you may find helpful as you plan to get your project underway:


Setting Up A Temporary Cooking Space


Probably one of the most frustrating aspects of undergoing an Adelaide kitchen renovation is the loss of your usual cooking space in the interim.

Planning to set up a temporary kitchen area in another room of the house will help you get through the kitchen renovation process.

Now, this doesn’t have to fancy! Simply, set up a table that is large enough to provide you with a surface to work on, as well as being able to hold some smaller appliances. Throughout your kitchen renovation process, you’ll realise that dust infiltrates everything, to avoid this keep your commonly used kitchen items in clearly labelled containers. It will make locating them when needed a breeze!


Make Meals Ahead of Time


Chances are you’re still going to have your fridge and freezers running somewhere in the house while the kitchen renovation is going on.

We recommend preparing a range of food that you can freeze before your kitchen renovation commences, making it simple for you to defrost and reheat in the microwave as needed.

It will also minimise your cooking clean-up!


Make Use of Your BBQ


If it’s warm enough, or you’re willing to brave the cold throughout your kitchen renovation, make use of the all Australian BBQ! Look up some BBQ friendly recipes online; you’d be surprised at the variety available!


Protect Your Valuable Items


As mentioned previously, your home renovation will produce an enormous amount of dust, noise plus the constant traffic of people and machinery created throughout your kitchen renovation process, so it is essential to safely pack away your valuable items to avoid them becoming damaged.




If you have pets, it is wise to keep them out of the way of the work crew throughout your kitchen renovation process. They could prove to be disruptive, or the loud noises and unfamiliar faces may cause them stress. Consider getting a family member or friend to help you pet-sit while your kitchen is being renovated to avoid an inconvenience to your pet or the project itself.


Thinking About A Kitchen Renovation?


If you’re thinking of undergoing a kitchen renovation in your Adelaide home, give the team at Hills Kitchens and Robes a call today! We can advise you on how to best prepare for your kitchen renovation, while also completing the project in a prompt and timely manner. Call today!




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