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How to Organise Your Children`s Wardrobe!

How to Organise Your Children`s Wardrobe!

September 24, 2020


Organising your kid's wardrobe can be quite tricky. A disorganised wardrobe makes getting your kids ready in the morning in time for school a lot of work. It would be unfair if you had to worry about getting them dressed too, which is what unorganised wardrobes cause. Keeping your kid's closets arranged can be quite hard due to many reasons. 


You may be finding it hard to keep your kids' wardrobes organised because of the size of their wardrobes, especially if they are sharing a closet. Imagine how easy your mornings would be if you knew where everything was.  We at Hills Robes like providing our readers with helpful organisation tips so here are some tips on how you can organise your kid's wardrobes.



Prepare Ahead


Nothing wastes time as much as not being prepared.  Before a new school week, you should try to pick out the clothes your children will wear to school for that week. Getting your kid's clothes ready ahead of time will save you a lot of time since you already know what they are going to wear throughout that week. A helpful way you can do this is by hanging the clothes on Hangers with their date labels. 


If your kid's wardrobes are too small, it will be hard to do this, so why not give us a call at Hills Robes. We have wardrobes that will help you in preparing ahead, and will look good in your Adelaide home.





One of the things that make kids wardrobes hard to organise is the surplus of things that have to be there. For example, there can be toys, bags, and school materials in their closets. The way you can organise all these materials is by making space for everything. For example, you can hang your children's bags on hangers. You can also put all their school materials in a box, the same thing with their toys. 


Due to the number of things you have to arrange, it is advisable you get a wardrobe that has a lot of drawers, hangers and partitions. You can contact us for a custom wardrobe – we have all the compartments you need.



Kid Appropriate


Do you know that what mostly causes your kids' wardrobes to get scattered is the fact that they can't reach it? When your kid's wardrobes are too tall for them, they won't be able to get what they want without causing a mess. If you wish your kid's wardrobes to stay organised all year round you have to make it in such a way that it is at their height.  


By making your kid's wardrobes close to their height, they will quickly get what they want. Follow these 3 tips, and your children's closets will always be organised.


Getting kids-friendly wardrobes in Adelaide can be quite hard, but Hills Robes is here for you. At Hills Robes, we can make wardrobes that are kid-friendly. Our custom wardrobes are some of the best in Adelaide due to the quality and elegant design. 





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