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How to Make the Most of a Built-In Wardrobe Space!

How to Make the Most of a Built-In Wardrobe Space!

When it comes to wardrobes, every centimetre of storage space counts; you have to make the most of any wardrobe space you have, especially if you were not blessed with large wardrobes in your Adelaide house.
Poorly designed wardrobes will often lead to a massive disorganised mess. That is why our wardrobes atHills Robes Adelaide are fully-customisable to meet your storage needs perfectly. Crafted at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Adelaide, our wardrobes will give you the freedom to select your preferred combination of drawers, adjustable shelving, hanging space, shoe racks and pull-out storage.

To maximise the wardrobe space you have, here are some useful tips and solutions:

Double Hanging Rails

It is the easiest way to double the storage space inside your wardrobe. By adding two hanging rails instead of one, you will make better use of the full vertical height of the wardrobe. Shorter items, like shirts and tops, should be hung on the bottom rail and longer articles on the top one.

Move the Hanging Rail up or Down

Some wardrobes are not long enough to fit two hanging rails. If that is the case, then move the rail you have down to add an extra shelf or two above it or up to maximise the wardrobe’s floor space.
At Hills Robes, we can add adjustable shelves to your Adelaide wardrobes. These allow you to hang longer clothing items when you need to.

Do Not Waste the Wardrobe Floor Space

Every possible storage room in your wardrobes should be used, especially the floor space. The size of the floor space you have depends on the length of your hanging items. If you need more floor storage room, you should hang only short pieces, like shirts or trousers.

Baskets and boxes can be added at the bottom of your wardrobes to provide a more organised space. You can also use our custom-made shoe racks to store your shoe pairs together and make them more visible.

Put Hooks on the inside of Wardrobe Doors

If you are looking for an opportunity to increase the storage space, do not forget the doors of your wardrobes. This easy hack will make a real difference in your wardrobe storage. Just add a couple of hooks on the inside of your wardrobe doors to hang all sorts of things on them, such as scarves, belts and other accessories.

Make sure, however, that nothing on the hooks will prevent the wardrobe doors from clothing easily or damage the hanging clothes.


Built-in wardrobes are your best option to make the most of all the height and width of the room available. For more than four decades, Hills Robes have been Adelaide’s most-trusted name in wardrobes. Our team of experts will work with you to create the wardrobes that suit your Adelaide house storage requirements and reflect your design vision.

We will surprise you with how much more you can fit inside the smallest of wardrobes. Call us today for a complimentary quote following a no-obligation design consultation!



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