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How To Create A Timeless Kitchen Design

How To Create A Timeless Kitchen Design

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If the time has come, and you are in a position and luxury to design your perfect kitchen, then it is vital that you have an understanding of what elements will help your kitchen renovation feel timeless. But how exactly do you do it? How do you design a kitchen space that you will love for years to come and see your home maintain value.

Rather than making costly mistakes and faddish choices, we have put together a list of the top four areas of any kitchen design that will ensure your Adelaide home’s kitchen will last the test of time. At Hills Robes and Kitchens, we have been providing Adelaide residents with premium kitchen designs that will add value and style to any home for years to come.

Keep reading for expert tips and industry knowledge needed when completing your kitchen renovation.




For the overall look of your kitchen, your cabinetry choice will make a significant impact on the overall look and design. It is an essential area of your kitchen renovation to consider, because of the effect it has on the practicality as well as your design aesthetic. If you want to ensure that your kitchen space will remain forever timeless, then opt for a neutral or white cabinet colour. While wood stains can look nice, they will vary with the times which will result in your kitchen dating quickly.

If you've set your mind on bold colour, that’s entirely fine, note that you may have to change things up a few years down the track.




When it comes to choosing your bench tops, there is nothing more timeless than a marble benchtop. However, this luxury is not always within everyone’s budget. If you can afford it, a marble benchtop is well worth the investment. But if it seems like a stretch, opt for a bench top that is durable with natural beauty such as slate or granite. These marble alternatives will provide you with the beauty that comes with natural rippling, a neutral tone and durability.




Often an area of the kitchen renovation that is understated is the splashback. This critical aspect will help you set the tone for your overall kitchen renovation design. The classic white subway tile is an easy option that will go with almost any kitchen interior. But, if you’re looking for something with more variety, opt for a marble tile or uniquely shaped tiles for a sophisticated point of difference in your kitchen.




Lastly, lighting. Your lighting choices can provide your kitchen with a statement. For a timeless look pendants are a stylish option that is available at a wide array of price points. A mistake that so many make is choosing a light or pendant lighting that is the wrong size and placed in the wrong spot. Be sure to consult your lighting professional to ensure that your lighting choice is both stylish and functional.


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