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Has kitchen renovation got you tongue-tied

Has kitchen renovation got you tongue-tied

Has kitchen renovation got you tongue-tied? Hills Robes and Kitchens make it easy

Kitchen renovation can be a daunting prospect but, despite requiring a few key considerations, the process need not be a hassle. Achieving your new kitchen can be enjoyable, effortless and straightforward, when you choose Adelaide’s most trusted kitchen renovation specialists—Hills Robes and Kitchens. Our team of design specialists will expertly guide you through the design process, and our skilled tradespeople will build and install your new kitchen efficiently, to the highest quality standard. We’ve broken down the kitchen renovation process, into five simple steps, so that you can become comfortable with the stages involved, and discover that ‘renovation’ is not a dirty word.


1. Free consultation and quotation


One of our qualified kitchen design specialists will visit you for a free in-home consultation, during which, we will discuss your vision, and provide a range of quality solutions, tailored to your needs and budget. You’ll provide us with a preliminary decision about your colour scheme, materials and kitchen appliances, and we will bring your design to life, using our specialised 3D kitchen design software, which depicts your selections to the letter. Using this software, we will take the time to play with styles and colours, until you land on a design that you love.

Hills Robes and Kitchens offer a range of top quality kitchen appliances, from great local brands, to the finest European names. Your chosen appliances will also feature in the 3D depiction of your new kitchen design. There is no pressure to make an immediate decision, but if you’re happy to proceed, we will provide a quote and discuss the trades required to complete the kitchen renovation.


2. Comprehensive measure and check


This stage involves a detailed discussion about your quote, kitchen design and materials, ensuring that you are comfortable with each. Once you provide formal confirmation that you are ready to proceed, our skilled tradespeople will take the necessary measurements, checking and rechecking everything. We’ll create your cabinetry and order kitchen appliances, and provide a clear picture of when your kitchen renovation will commence.


3. Manufacturing and quality assurance


Once ordered, your kitchen cabinetry is manufactured, assembled and inspected to meticulous quality standards. Your cabinetry and kitchen appliances are carefully and securely packaged, to ensure that everything arrives at your home in mint condition.


4. Site preparation


Your old kitchen will be removed with care, allowing work on your dream kitchen to commence. Plumbing and electrical should be confirmed as early as possible, as these provide the nuts and bolts of your new cooking space. Plastering also needs to occur before your cabinetry is installed. Our tradespeople will coordinate around your schedule, limiting disruption to your home life. Your new kitchen is nearly in sight, but it is a good idea to plan for the brief period when your kitchen will be out of commission. Meals can be prepared and frozen in advance, or take the easy option and Uber your meals, or go out to eat.


5. Installation and final quality check


Once your chosen materials and fittings arrive, we complete a second quality inspection, ensuring that all are immaculate. Cabinetry and benchtops are installed first, followed by your sleek new splash-back. We seal and clean your kitchen, leaving it sparkling in all its glorious newness. We leave no stone unturned in completing a final quality inspection once the kitchen renovation is complete. We ensure that your new kitchen meets our stringent standards, which have garnered Hills Robes and Kitchens an enduring reputation for quality artisanship. The only thing left for you to do now, is enjoy!

We hope that the above information has taken the unknown out of kitchen renovation for you. Our friendly and experienced team are eager to hear from you, if you’re ready to take the plunge into kitchen renovation. You’ll find out just how simple and efficient the process can be, when you choose Hills Robes and Kitchens. Get in touch with us today on (08) 8243 1037 or via our web enquiry form.




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