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Five Walk-in Wardrobe Essentials for Your Adelaide Home

Five Walk-in Wardrobe Essentials for Your Adelaide Home

Every fashion lover dreams of having a stylish, customised walk-in robe, worthy of Carrie Bradshaw or Tom Ford. Walk-ins have long been synonymous with luxury, but gone are the days of glamourous dressing rooms being confined to celebrity homes.

Hills Robes and Kitchens is Adelaide’s leading name in wardrobes, and we have the expertise to help you design the walk-in wardrobe you have long desired. The highly-experienced wardrobe designers at Hills can make the most of any space, and will tailor your walk-in specifically to your needs and budget.

Whether you’re building a new home, or revamping your existing closet space, and you’re visualising a sleek new walk-in, Adelaide’s walk-in wardrobe specialists can help you design a stylish and timeless dressing area to house your fashion collection.

If you take immense pride in your clothing, and the way that you dress, you and your wares are deserving of a space that is visually stunning, as well as practical, providing fully-customised storage, that will ensure your collection remains in excellent condition.

Do you own accessories galore, or pairs of shoes numbering in the hundreds? We can integrate the right blend of drawers and open shelving for your needs. Perhaps, you have several seasonal, or special occasion pieces, such as winter coats or full-length dresses, requiring extensive floor to ceiling space. Or, you’re forever wearing suave, tailored suits, and want your robe designed around these.

Whatever your vision, Hills Robes and Kitchens has a walk-in wardrobe solution to please. We’ve created this checklist of five must-have features, to help you plan a walk-in you’ll fall in love with:


1. Clean and contemporary


Modern, minimalist styling, employing clean lines and sleek finishes, will never go out of style. Minimal styling creates an uncluttered feel, and provides the illusion of space, in an area where space is limited. Hills Robes and Kitchens offer an extensive selection of elegant glass, matte or gloss finishes that you can choose to your liking.


2. White and bright


White is the most popular walk-in wardrobe colour selection for good reason. An ivory palette amplifies a confined space like nothing else can. White tones provide contrast and brightness in bedrooms, which are often starved of natural light. White always looks fresh and bright, and will certainly never date.


3. Mirror, mirror …


Mirrors are essential in any walk-in wardrobe. Floor-length mirrors enable you to spot that unfortunately placed stain and avoid the classic mismatched sock scenario, guaranteeing that your outfits are always on point. Mirrors also create the guise of a spacious and airy dressing area. Hills Robes and Kitchens can integrate mirrored panels within your walk-in, so that you look stylish from all angles.


4. The right storage combination


Hills Robes and Kitchens will design a walk-in wardrobe that caters expressly to your fashion collection. Integrating a selection of full-length and half-length hanging areas, and plenty of drawers and open shelving, ensures that you will have the right solution for each of your wardrobe items.

It is a great idea to measure the hanging length of your clothes, to ensure that your new wardrobe design will cater to the way that you like to store your pieces. Some like to fold their trousers over a hanger, while others use a clip-hanger and hang them full-length. Do you have several long items, like coats and maxi-dresses, that would require more full-length space? Extensive open shelving is ideal for showcasing an enviable accessory and shoe collection. Do you need to store non-clothing items in your walk-in wardrobe, and would like to integrate additional drawers? Fully consider your needs before proceeding to design your new wardrobe.


5. Shoes, shoes, shoes!


Great shoes elevate any stylish outfit to the next level. Have your shoes been unlovingly shoved on the floor of your current wardrobe, crumpled under other items? Maybe you’re perpetually playing hide and seek with your shoes, because they’re obscured amid a sea of boxes. Hills Robes and Kitchens will ensure that your shoes take pride of place in your new walk-in wardrobe, with the right mix of open shelving and our custom-designed shoe racks.

If you’ve been inspired by these walk-in wardrobe essentials, get in touch with the friendly and experienced team at Hills Robes and Kitchens. Give us a call today on (08) 8243 1037 for your free, in-home consultation, and begin designing your dream closet space today.



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