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Five Things To Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

Five Things To Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen


Renovating your home’s kitchen can be a fantastic way to increase your living space as well as your home’s property value. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before undergoing such a significant renovation. The team at Hills Robes and Kitchens have listed five things you should consider when renovating your kitchen:


What do you want to achieve?

More often than not, when renovating a space, it is more than just aesthetics. You may be remodelling to achieve a better use of space than you currently have, catering to your lifestyle needs, adding functionality or combing your kitchen space with other areas of your home. Thinking about the primary objective as to why you are renovating your kitchen will help you set goals and communicate with those involved in the project what you’re hoping to gain out of your design.


Key to Great Design

Before actually progressing with your renovation, collect samples of materials and colours you're thinking of using so you can see what works well together. This will help you to create a design with good flow and knock out any ‘spur of the moment’ design decisions.

Also be sure to create a kitchen design that works well with the way you live. The days of the traditional work triangle is gone. Today we see kitchens that are intended to be used for a variety of purposes and your design should reflect that.


On Trend Colour Schemes

Natural tones are appearing to be the flavour of the month in modern kitchen designs. Ranging from wood veneers and rough timbers to muted tones and polished concrete, people are embracing all things organic. However, do not feel that you need to follow the crowd. Choose a colour scheme that is best suited to your tastes.

At Hills Robes and Kitchens our experienced kitchen design experts will work with you to create a design   and colour scheme that is truly reflective of the aesthetic you wish to create.


Consider The Details – Big or Small

When renovating your kitchen, it can be easy to overlook the small details or leave it up to the professionals to decide. Often the beauty of a new space is in the little details, so be sure to consider styling elements such as your choice in splashback material, sink type – under mount or topmount, draining solutions, soft close drawers and edge details to create a space that is truly your own.


Be Prepared for A Long Project

Even the quickest kitchen renovations take time. The average time span for the average kitchen renovation is around four to six weeks. Meaning, you need to prepare to potentially live without a kitchen for a significant amount of time. Be sure to set aside another space in your home, such as your laundry, where your fridge can continue running, and the laundry sink can double as a dishwashing space. Perhaps consider renovating during the warmer months as you can double your outdoor BBQ area as an alternative to a cooktop.

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