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Dreaming up a kitchen renovation?

Dreaming up a kitchen renovation?

Dreaming up a kitchen renovation? Consider these three key points


The kitchen is the heart of any home, where meals are lovingly made and shared, and family members connect. A kitchen renovation is an investment in a functional, beautiful space that you and your family can enjoy, which is also guaranteed to add value to your home.

When visualising your kitchen renovation, it is easy to get swept-up in the glossy tiles and sleek appliances, but it is important that you also consider logistics and practicality. We’ve curated a list of three essential considerations, when planning your new kitchen.


1. Budget


It is important to be realistic about your kitchen renovation dreams, and how these tie in with your budget. A deluxe kitchen, featuring solid-wood cabinetry and top of the range appliances can run upwards of forty thousand dollars????. But, keep in mind that there are several luxe-for-less alternatives. When we meet with you for your free, in-home consultation, we can look at your mood-board and advise of budget-friendly options, which won’t compromise on style or quality. Whatever your kitchen renovation budget, our design specialists will help you to achieve the look you want.


2. Layout


Considering the layout of your new kitchen requires forethought about the space you require, and how well your plan will integrate with adjacent areas. Ideally, the kitchen will have a view to your outdoor space, permitting plenty of natural light. A kitchen should flow-on to the dining room or open-plan family/meals area. Low-profile island benches are an excellent choice; maximising bench space, and providing a space for sinks, appliances and cupboards. With the range of luxe finishes available, they also provide a stunning kitchen centrepiece.

Consider the amount of bench space you’ll need in your food prep zone, allowing room for your cutting boards, mixer, spices and knife block. Then, move on to the cooking area—do you fancy yourself as the next MasterChef, and will make excellent use of a dual oven and stunning freestanding cooker? In the cleaning zone—the size of your sink and dishwasher should factor in how regularly you cook at home, and the size of your family. Will you need several power outlets? How much dinnerware and cookware do you need to store? Will your fridge have an icemaker, and require a plumbing connection? These factors all have important implications for the format of your new kitchen.


3. Style


Given that kitchen renovation requires a significant investment, and you may not revamp your kitchen for another ten or twenty years, it is wise to opt for a timeless design, utilising a neutral or monochrome colour palette. You could add pops of colour via an interesting splashback, or the rainbow of small appliances available. Glossy, modern kitchens are stunning, of course, but may look stark inside a character villa, featuring antique finishes. Choose a kitchen style that will integrate seamlessly within your home. Hills Robes and Kitchens use specialised 3D design software, enabling you to visualise your projected design before proceeding with your kitchen renovation.

The prospect of a kitchen renovation can be overwhelming, but our experienced team will guide you through the process, providing quality solutions that cater to any style or budget. Our expert tradespeople will ensure that your kitchen is completed efficiently, and to the highest standard, with very little disruption to your home life.

With over thirty years of quality workmanship to our name, Hills Robes and Kitchens, are Adelaide’s kitchen renovation specialists ;we can create and custom-build a kitchen that is tailored perfectly to your home. Give us a call today on (08) 8243 1037 to arrange your free in-home consultation and we can begin to bring your dream kitchen to life.




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